34 million won necklace sold out as BTS V becomes Cartier ambassador 

BTS V has proven his massive influence after he was appointed as the global brand ambassador for luxury brand Cartier.

On July 19th, BTS V was announced as Cartier’s global brand ambassador and became the new face of the “Panthère de Cartier” campaign.

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At the time, Cartier praised V as “one of the most talented individuals of our time”, who embodies an image that fits Cartier’s jewelry creations perfectly.  Arnaud Carrez, the Senior VP and CMP of Cartier, also explained, “We naturally chose V because we wanted to express the charm and aura of the Panthère. Full of personality and strong feeling, V makes choices driven by his creativity and shows only his own style and elegance.”

After the news of V becoming the global brand ambassador for Cartier spread, the Cartier website experienced a momentary crash due to a sudden surge in traffic, leaving everyone in awe.

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Later on, global fashion and lifestyle magazine “Highsnobiety” reported that fans rushed to online retailers as soon as they heard the news. They also purchased all the inventory of the necklace that V wore for the Panthère campaign, which is priced at $26,700 (approximately 34.4 million KRW).

In addition, the Cartier necklace that V wore during the campaign sold out immediately on Cartier’s global online retailers in countries including France and the UK. The website currently notifies customers that they can purchase the necklace when it is back in stock.

bts v cartier

Some enthusiastic fans, who are unable to wait for the delivery period, headed straight to Cartier stores to the Cartier products that V wore during the campaign and certifying his influence on social media.

This phenomenon of luxury brand websites crashing is not new. In March, after announcing V as the global ambassador of Celine, Celine’s website also experienced a crash, proving the male idol’s immense popularity.

In fact, according to Brand Finance, an economic analysis institution, Celine experienced a 51% surge in growth after appointing V as their new ambassador, indicating high expectations for V’s success as a Cartier ambassador.

Source: Nate

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