3 times NingNing got aespa criticized (prior to the Olympics controversy)

Some fans say they are extremely disappointed at the idol.

The year 2021 becomes a milestone for the transformation of rookie group aespa. After releasing the hit “Next Level“, the new generation girl group has constantly been making achievements and receiving the attention of the public. However, the controversies surrounding member NingNing has led to various troubles for the group, one of which is that aespa was suddenly excluded from the list of the most anticipated idols in 2022.

3 times NingNing got aespa criticized
People were concerned aespa continuously got into trouble because of the youngest member.  (Photo: Pinterest)

Receiving money from fans at predebut

Since the very first day of its debut, aespa has encountered many difficulties and challenges in winning the hearts of the audience. It can be said that the golden age of the monster rookie aespa has just begun but already faced many challenges. Netizens discussed that the youngest NingNing is constantly entangled in controversies, which has worsened aespa’s image in the hearts of the Korean public.

3 times NingNing got aespa criticized
NingNing has negatively affected the future reputation of aespa since predebut (Photo: Pinterest)

Since it was leaked that NingNing was going to debut in SM’s rookie group, she has suffered many negative comments. Recently, netizens have dug up NingNing’s past controversies, which went back to the time she was a trainee in SMRookies.

3 times NingNing got aespa criticized
NingNing received a lot of criticism for rumors of her violating the company’s rules.  (Photo: SM)

It was rumored that, in 2017, NingNing was exposed to be a manager in a fan chat group, which was against SM’s rule of banning trainees from using SNS. What was even more shocking is that NingNing also received red envelopes (money) from fans. In addition, there are rumors that she has revealed SM’s unannounced projects to fans.

Recently, aespa continued to be embroiled in a lip-syncing controversy during the time the group was promoting in the US. Knetizens were extremely upset and criticized the girls for embarrassing K-pop as they lip-synced the song Savage at Nick Cannon Show and The Kelly Clarkson Show.

In addition, Knetizens also had suspicion that the youngest NingNing lip-synced at the group’s MAMA 2021 stage. The matter was exposed after people brought up NingNing’s fake high notes.

3 times NingNing got aespa criticized
Fans are proud to say the group has the best vocal among the 4th generation idols but aespa has actually been criticized for lip-syncing many times. (Photo: Pinterest)

As the main vocalist of the group, NingNing was assigned the most difficult parts of the song. When she did the high notes, she looked too calmly and her voice came out just like the recording.

For these climaxes of the songs, singers usually use a lot of internal energy and have to open their mouths wide to sing. Therefore, the audience constantly accused the idol of lip-syncing.

3 times NingNing got aespa criticized
NingNing’s calm expression when hitting high notes made people suspect that she was lip-syncing. (Photo: YouTube Mnet K-pop)

In addition, from the first day of performing the song “Black Mamba“, main vocal NingNing was once spotted wearing a mic under her chin. Even so, her voice was still clear. Moreover, at Insta Concert – “Forever“, the female idol also forgot to lip-sync when she reached the climax.

3 times NingNing got aespa criticized

However, fans think that this is proof of her sincerity. NingNing just kept the habit of singing high notes calmly like many other SM artists and of course, NingNing was not good at lipsyncing.

The fact that NingNing and aespa have repeatedly exposed their lip-sync moments while being acclaimed as the group with the strongest vocal abilities in the 4th generation, has enraged netizens. Netizens also chastised the female idol for her unprofessional performing attitude.

Hanging out with male friends in the US

A photo of the youngest aespa with non-celebrity friends was shared on social media in early 2022. Many people are surprised to know that she not only hangs out with female friends but also with male friends. 

3 times NingNing got aespa criticized
Netizens paid attention to the photos NingNing took with her friends in the US.

Netizens think that this is a very risky move, fearing that a bad scandal will directly affect aespa. However, many fans also defended her. Fans commented that it’s very normal for idols to meet friends, and it’s not wrong for them to take pictures together.

3 times NingNing got aespa criticized
The fact that the youngest member NingNing freely hung out with male friends worried netizens.

After a series of scandals surrounding NingNing, many people think that she is gradually destroying all efforts of aespa. Recently, she also caused a wave of fierce controversy after sending congratulations to the Chinese athlete. Netizens are worried whether NingNing and aespa will have more bad luck in the near future.

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