3 times Lee Min Ho makes our hearts pound by kissing his female co-stars’ necks in K-dramas 

Acting alongside Son Ye Jin, Kim Go Eun, and more, Lee Min Ho never fails to show that he is a good kisser. 

Lee Min Ho is not dubbed the “romance king” of Korean dramas for no reason. Besides having a handsome appearance that makes viewers’ hearts flutter, Lee Min Ho is also known for being a master at doing love scenes. Especially in steamy kissing scenes, Lee Min Ho always takes the initiative. He also received praises from his co-stars for how good his acting is in these scenes.

Lee Min Ho’s love-making scenes with rookie actress Kim Min Ha in the new TV series Pachinko recently created a stir. Kim Min Ha shared that she and Lee Min Ho filmed many hot scenes together. Shen even admitted that she felt “pressured” when acting in such intense scenes with a famous senior like Lee Min Ho. 

lee min ho
Lee Min Ho’s neck kiss scene in Pachinko captures viewers’ hearts 

Lee Min Ho likes to kiss his female co-stars’ necks. Working with Son Ye Jin in Personal Taste, Lee Min Ho impressed his senior with their romantic kiss. Son Ye Jin said that although Lee Min Ho is young, he is very good at kissing.

One of the most memorable kissing scenes of Lee Min Ho is the “vampire kiss” with rumored girlfriend Kim Go Eun in The King: Eternal Monarch. This kiss drove viewers wild when the drama was broadcast. In a behind-the-scenes interview, Kim Go Eun revealed that Lee Min Ho helped her a lot during filming. 

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