3 times IVE’s Ahn Yujin proved her professionalism on stage

Although IVE is constantly facing controversy after 2 months of debut, this member always receives praise from netizens.

Rookie group IVE debuted 2 months ago but is still a hot name on social media because of various controversies. This is the reason why netizens often refer to IVE as one of the most controversial girlgroups nowadays. However, there are a few times the group is praised for its members’ professionalism, such as the case of leader Ahn Yujin below.

IVE Ahn Yujin proved her professionalism
Yujin using the choreography to pick up the dropped jewelry on stage

Specifically, a netizen has summarized Yujin’s extremely professionalism on stage during her time as a member of IZ*ONE and IVE. She showed remarkable quick-witted qualities as an idol even though her working experience is not too long, thanks to which she receives much admiration from netizens.

IVE Ahn Yujin proved her professionalism
Yujin couldn’t move her left hand because the necklace was stuck with a detail on her dress.

According to the above video, Yujin had encountered three difficult incidents on stage.  First, while performing the song “ELEVEN”, the jewelry on another member’s outfit fell off, making it difficult for both the group and the backup dancers to move on stage in order to not slip. At that time, Yujin made use of the choreography to pick up the item without showing any expression change on her face.

IVE Ahn Yujin proved her professionalism
… However, Yujin calmly solved the problem herself.

On another stage, IVE’s leader continued to have a problem with her accessories. The bracelet on Yujin’s left hand got stuck with her dress’s detail, making the female idol unable to move her left hand. In that situation, Yujin stayed calm and continued to perform the choreography with one hand while trying to solve the accident with only her left hand.

IVE Ahn Yujin proved her professionalism
Her necklace almost fell off

Yujin has gained much stage experience ever since she carried out activities with IZ*ONE. In other to prove Yujin’s professionalism, netizens have pointed out many similar accidents that she had encountered in the past. 

IVE Ahn Yujin proved her professionalism
Yujin took the necklace off…
IVE Ahn Yujin proved her professionalism
…then threw it away to the corner of the stage while changing her position

Netizens left many compliments for Yujin’s professionalism:

  • Yujin is so professional, she always stayed calm and smoothly solved the problems herself
  • I thought the necklace was originally designed like that. She’s so smart
  • Wow! How can she be this pretty and talented at the same time?
  • The audiences always try to find out idols’ mistakes so they have to be more professional. I think it’s okay if they look a bit confused when having accidents like this…
  • As expected from Ahn Yujin!
  • If I were Yujin, I wouldn’t know what to do
  • There is one thing about Yujin that hasn’t changed even when she was in IZ*ONE or IVE – Her calmness
  • This is the reason why Yujin was chosen as IVE’s leader

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