3 reasons why “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” director waited more than a year for Park Eun-bin to accept the role of Woo Young-woo

Amid the explosive popularity of ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, director Yoo In-sik revealed three good points about actress Park Eun-bin. 

On July 12th, ENA Channel posted the full video of the press conference for “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” on their official Youtube channel.

At the press conference, director Yoo In-sik was asked the question “You said you couldn’t imagine Woo Young-woo be played by any person other than Park Eun-bin. Please tell us good points about actress Park Eun-bin”. 

extraordinary attorney woo

Regarding the first good point, he said, “It’s too difficult to choose only three because she has so many strengths. First of all, when I saw a shy and considerate person like Park Eun-bin suddenly change her appearance in front of the camera, I realized that she has such an excellent intuition. I knew that she was an actress who prepares things carefully, but there was something else about her that I hadn’t known.”

He continued, “Even though we filmed the drama during the pandemic, actress Park Eun-bin lived a puritanical life going back and forth between her house and the filming site only because she thought ‘I can’t be sick’. Park Eun-bin’s sincerity and responsibility make me think that she’s very reliable”, revealing the second good points.

extraordinary attorney woo

Lastly, he said, “She has a surprisingly good sense of humor. When I was having a hard time on the set, Park Eun-bin showed me the silhouette of a frog she made with her hands on the street lamp shadow. I found it so funny.”

Park Eun-bin shared, “In fact, this drama was supposed to air at the same time as ‘The King’s Affection’, but I decided to do ‘The King’s Affection’ first. But I felt so grateful that the director waited for me for a year. He told me that he couldn’t think of anyone else who can play the role except for me. He believed in me so I took my courage to repay his trust.”

extraordinary attorney woo

Director Yoo In-sik continued to praise Park Eun-bin, saying “When I first heard that actress Park Eun-bin agreed to the casting offer, I was so happy that I thought I just got a thousand troops and horses. This title role actually depends so much on how the actress who plays Woo Young-woo acts. With the thought ‘It’s Park Eun-bin, she’ll do well’, we prepared everything with all our best. I think she must have been pressured a lot but when she said, ‘My name is Woo Young-woo, whether it is read straight or flipped’, I immediately thought, ‘She’s here’.”

Source: wikitree

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