3 most famous OTPs on screen yet sadly they can’t be couples in real life

1. Park Min Young – Park Seo Joon

Park Min YoungPark Seo Joon is one of the most supported screen couples. The two worked together in ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim‘ 4 years ago. In the drama, the two play the role of a couple who have known each other since childhood but lost each other and only later met again as president-secretary. The journey they bonded and recognized each other made the audience flutter because their story was so cute and sweet.

Many allegations have surfaced after the drama’s airing that Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon are in real in love. Furthermore, despite Park Min Young’s frequent denials of dating rumors, Park – Park has consistently been the most well-loved couple by the public. There have been numerous “hints” of a relationship between the two, but recently all came to a end when it was revealed that Park Min Young was having an affair with a wealthy CEO. And although she announced her breakup soon after, this is also an affirmation that she and Park Seo Joon have been just colleagues over the years.

2. Hyeri – Park Bo Gum

Hyeri and Park Bo Gum once starred together in the hit drama Reply 1988. In the drama, they played two kids in a group of friends who grew up together in a poor neighborhood. Park Bo Gum played Choi Taek, a Go genius who is somewhat naive. He couldn’t go to school and wasn’t good at making friends. Thanks to Duk Sun (Hyeri) and his friends, Taek’s life becomes more interesting. And despite doing things slowly, Taek was very proactive and delicate in love, so he won the heart of the little girl.

Becoming a couple in the drama, Park Bo Gum and Hyeri were also praised for being a very good couple in real life, but Hyeri quickly fell in love with the supporting actor – Ryu Jun Yeol. So far, Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol are still one of the most beautiful couples in Korean showbiz while Park Bo Gum still maintains a close friendship with both of them.

3. Jo Jung Suk – Jeon Mi Do

Jo Jung Suk and Jeon Mi Do are two of the 5 main actors of the drama “Hospital Playlist“. The two actors play two talented doctors who have known and developed affections for each other since they were students but are unable to be together due to several barriers. After each of them had several relationships and breakups over the course of over 20 years, they eventually found the strength to confront and express their feelings. As a result, the two developed a romantic relationship that led to a happy ending.

However, in real life, both are married. So far, the two still support each other as friends, colleagues, and stick together with the remaining 3 main actors of Hospital Playlist.

Source: K14

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