2PM Nichkhun wins “Asian Idol of the Year” at “2021 IFENG FASHION CHOICE”

Nichkhun recently won the “Asian Idol of the Year” category at the “2021 IFENG FASHION CHOICE” held in Shanghai, China. Continuing to be active at home and abroad, he has reaffirmed his steadfast popularity and influence.

2021 IFENG FASHION CHOICE” is an annual awards ceremony hosted by China’s leading portal media platform IFENG where famous celebrities, fashion industry workers and brands are invited. Nichkhun is meeting viewers by appearing on the popular Chinese entertainment program “Shine! Super Brothers 2“, which first aired in November 2021. As a man who has physique, beauty and even charm, he is bringing fun to the viewers who watch the show.


He showed great performance last year, raising expectations for this year’s activities. In March, he appeared as a cameo in tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Vincenzo” and presented fun with natural facial expressions. In June, he captivated K-pop fans by showing off his unchanging visual and aura through 2PM‘s 7th full-album “MUST“. Then, in September, 2PM’s mini-album “WITH ME AGAIN” and its title track of the same name were officially released in Japan to repay local fans’ long wait.


Besides, Nichkhun’s Hollywood movie “The Modelizer” is about to be released. Global fans are paying keen attention to the performance in 2022 of Nichkhun, who is gaining solid popularity in both Korea and foreign countries.

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