2PM Lee Jun-ho “Filming ‘Thirty’ with Kim Woo-bin and Kang Ha-neul? I hope we’ll have an opportunity like that”

Singer-actor Lee Jun-ho recalled the memories of “Twenty” starring him, Kim Woo-bin and Kang Ha-neul.

On August 14th, a performance was held at SK Olympic Handball Stadium, Olympic Park, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul on the last day of “Lee Jun-ho 2022 FAN-CON ‘Before Midnight'”. The performance was simultaneously conducted through the Beyond LIVE platform as an online paid live broadcast.

On this day, Lee Jun-ho selected the keyword “Fight fire with fire” in the “125 Days of Summer” section, a talk time with fans in which Lee Jun-ho shared stories about “The Red Sleeve” and “Twenty” by choosing various keywords.

Lee Jun-ho recalled, “When I filmed ‘The Red Sleeve’, the weather was so hot that it wasn’t easy to wear those clothes. That was the hardest part. All the cast and staff were easily affected by heat. It was a bit difficult because we had to film in the heat wave.”

He then referred to “Twenty”, “‘Twenty’ was also filmed in the summer. At that time, there was a place where there were a lot of planes. I remember it was difficult to shoot because planes passed by when I tried to say my lines.”

Kim Woo-bin, who previously worked with him in “Twenty”, confessed in an interview for the movie “Alienoid Part 1”, “I often meet director Lee Byeong-heon, and he’s been asking me to film ‘Thirty’ as soon as possible. From the time we filmed ‘Twenty’, we talked about filming ‘Thirty’ as well. The biggest problem right now is Lee Jun-ho’s schedule. The three of us met and talked at the Baeksang Arts Awards.”

Lee Joon-ho reiterated this content and said with a smile, “Actor Kim Woo-bin seems to have talked about filming ‘Thirty’ in an interview. He said, ‘The biggest problem right now is Lee Jun-ho’s schedule.’ Hey, that’s not right.”

He added, “I think it’d be great if we could film ‘Thirty’ together. The three of us are friends of the same age, so it was very comfortable and fun. I hope we’ll have another opportunity like that.”

After finishing the three-day Seoul fan-con held from August 12th, Lee Jun-ho will hold “JUNHO(From 2PM) FAN-CON ‘Before Midnight'” at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan for two days on August 20th and 21st to meet Japanese fans for the first time in about 3 years and 8 months.

Source: daum

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