2022 MAMA AWARDS Photo Wall: Best dressed Jang Won Young Vs. Worst dressed Gabee

Let’s look through the fashion of several female stars in front of the photo wall of the recent 2022 MAMA AWARDS.

The 2022 MAMA AWARDS, which was held at Kyocera Dome Osaka, Japan, attracted keen attention from global music fans by showcasing spectacular stages and ended successfully. In particular, the photo wall was one of the highlights of the event. Many female stars showed up at the awards ceremony in different styles, from unconventional outfits to charming looks. 

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Thumbs up! – IVE Jang Won Young

Rising fashionista Jang Won Young presented a lovely award ceremony outfit with only two colors, black and white. The ribbon detail that creates a luxurious atmosphere for the tight mini dress that fits well with Jang Won Young’s perfect body shape emphasizes the lovely charm of the female idol. The cute braided hairstyle is the key point that completed Jang Won Young’s refreshing and girlish mood. The see-through innerwear was layered to make her simple outfit stand out.

ive wonyoung

So pretty! – Ahn So Hee

Ahn So Hee appeared at the photo wall event looking like a goddess in a fancy dress. Her outfit, which features colorful beads and wings as the highlights, gave off a unique chic atmosphere. The sparkling bead decoration adds an elegant and graceful vibe to her white dress. On top of that, Ahn So Hee’s straight hair, which was styled in a simple way, suited her luxurious outfit so well. 

ahn so hee

So-so – NewJeans Haerin

NewJeans Haerin, who often surprises netizens with her experimental fashion, made a bold selection of an all-white set this time. Haerin combined a trendy blouse in the form of a crop top and a unique skirt to create a minimal look. She completed the set with fur details to match the winter vibe. In fact, the outfit would look plain and casual if the fur decoration was excluded, and it is not really impressive compared to other bold outfits that Haerin has pulled off. 

newjeans haerin

Who’s your cordi? – Kim Yu Na

“Figure skating queen” Yu Na also failed to steal the spotlight that day. She combined a see-through sleeveless top, skirt and cardigan together for her photo wall appearance. The flair cuts and frill design makes Kim Yu Na look more elegant and feminine. However, the mix-and-match of flat shoes, long skirt, and an excessively big belt couldn’t create a harmonious atmosphere.

kim yuna

Oh My God – Gabeee

Gabee stood in front of reporters at the photo wall in a colorful halter-neck dress. The embossed details of Gabee’s tight-fitting dress made her body shape look unusual. Except for Gabee, it is not easy for anyone to pull off such an unconventional outfit like this. However, Gabee’s fashion left an unforgettable impression.


Source: Naver

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