2022 KBS Entertainment Awards: No changes even when having no hit programs, unreasonable “100-second rule”

KBS held an Entertainment Awards despite making no big hit in 2022. It also introduced the new “100-second rule” for acceptance speeches.

The 2022 KBS Entertainment Awards was held at KBS Hall in Yeouido, Seoul on December 24th to give awards to its impressive entertainment programs this year. Moon Se Yoon, Seol in Ah, and SF9 member-actor Chani appeared as hosts for the awards ceremony.

2022 kbs awards

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the KBS Entertainment Awards. Instead of inviting singers to open the event, entertainers who shone on KBS this year decorated the stage themselves with meaningful performances, including “Baby Singer” team’s carol medley, “Boss In The Mirror” oldies’ stage, and Lee Chan Won’s performance of the late Song Hae’s song, etc.

However, in terms of ratings and popularity, the meaning of the 20th anniversary was overshadowed. KBS Entertainment, which has introduced a number of longtime programs, such as “2 Days & 1 Night” – the only show with ratings over 10%, “National Singing Contest” (43 years), “Immortals Songs” (12 years), etc., did not have any outstanding hit this year.

2022 kbs awards

In fact, KBS also acknowledged the situation. In the opening of the first part, Moon Se Yoon acted as KBS, and Seol In Ah appeared as a viewer in a situational skit to convey the reality of TV programs, which are struggling amid the OTT craze. Despite holding a party without highlights, KBS once again gave a joint award. KBS has been criticized for awarding joint awards at the Entertainment Awards and the Drama Awards many times, but there were no changes this year.

Popularity Award was won by “The Return of Superman” Kim Jun Ho, “Dogs Are Incredible” Jang Do Yeon and “Immortal Songs 2” Jannabi. “Love Recall” and “Beat Coin” teams were honored with Best Teamwork Award. In particular, there were 4 Best Couples at this year’s awards. 

2022 kbs awards

After winning the Daesang, Shin Dong Yup said, “You can say, ‘Why are we giving so many awards? Isn’t it because of the lack of authority over the award?’, but whenever my hard-working colleagues receive an award, I sincerely congratulate them. It’s not easy to appeal to new programs every year. I think of Entertainment Awards positively as a big feast for those who have worked hard for a year.” 

KBS also established a “100-second rule” for acceptance speeches this year. When the speeches of the winners get longer and exceed 100 seconds, the KBS signal song will be played. At the awards ceremony every year, which is broadcast live, a lot of time was spent on the early winners’ speeches, so there were frequent situations in which the winners in the second half were urged to shorten their speeches.

2022 kbs awards

However, because of the 100-second limit, it was difficult for both the winners and viewers to stay focused. Jang Do Yeon, who won the Popularity Award, said, “Because there are only 100 seconds, I feel impatient,” and when the signal song came out, she pleasantly finished the embarrassing situation with her wit by imitating the song.

In the case of a winning team with several people working together, they became more wary of the 100 second rule. After winning the Best Teamwork Award, Jang Young Ran, who was delivering her speech after Sung Yu Ri, said hurriedly when the signal song started playing, “‘Love Recall’ will have to go another year. I love KBS. Thank you boss.” “HK Coin” Hong Jin Kyung conveyed her message to her daughter in her speech, saying, “Mon won an award.” 

2022 kbs awards

Choi Min Soo, who attended the ceremony with his wife, Kang Joo Eun, who was nominated for the Excellence Award, said as if he was being chased, asking, “It’s not been a minute and a half yet, right?” 

KBS’s intention to reduce unnecessary waste of time makes sense, but the 100-second rule for acceptance speeches is not an ideal solution in the end.

Source: Nate

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