2018 SBS Gayo Daejun: These 2 groups were suspected of lip-syncing the whole time

“Live singing or lip syncing” has always been a controversial topic during music programs season. And again, this controversy was once again brought up because of SBS’s music festival that took place last night.

2018 SBS Gayo Daejun has officially came to an end with a lot of impressive performances on Christmas Day – December 25th. Although it was not an award ceremony, SBS’s year-end music festival is still a hot event for fans to argue over, from the sound, lighting, camerawork to the artists.

And just like all other year-end music programs that took place earlier (and the ones which will be held later), live musicians as well as lip-syncing artists once again mentioned by many fans because people believe that live stages prove the strength as well as the attitude of the artists.

In fact, even before the event took place, the setlist photo from the program was spread widely on social networking sites. At that time, this list created controversies about the artists’ order of performances. And then when music festival ended, the setlist was once again investigated by netizens to find out who were actually lip-syncing.

In this image, you can see all of the performances in Part 2 of 2018 SBS Gayo Daejun. The ones which are higlighted in green are known to have been pre-recorded in advance. Meanwhile, the fourth column from the right shows how each artist would use background music in their performances.

Apparently, most of the artists who appeared in the second part of the program used MR (Music Record) when performing at 2018 SBS Gayo Daejun. MR only includes background music and adlib, so most live musicians use this background sound.

However, among the idols who used MR, many people noticed that there were 3 performances using Live AR (All Record). AR is the type of record which includes both background music and vocals (partial or full). The use of Live AR is quite common in today’s music festivals, and usually the artists will sing over the pre-recorded part, not completely.


In the setlist above, you can see that Wanna One, TWICE and the special stage combination between JB (GOT7), Kang Seungyoon (WINNER), DK (SEVENTEEN), Doyoung (NCT) and Kim Jaehwan (Wanna One) used Live AR. But compared to “Don’t Stop Me Now”, the performances of Wanna One and TWICE are more disappointing for a lot of people.

The reason is that if you pay more attention to the footnotes below the Live AR text, you can see that “Don’t Stop Me Now” has a “MIC ON”, while Wanna One and TWICE’s perfomances have a “MIC OFF”. Many viewers believe this detail shows that while JB, Kang Seungyoon, DK, Doyoung and Kim Jaehwan sang on the pre-recorded music, Wanna One and TWICE were lip-syncing from beginning to end during their performances.


Since the photo was just the setlist of Part 2, it is unclear whether any other artists use Live AR / MIC OFF like these two groups. But clearly, this fact has made many people disappointed, especially when other groups are trying to sing live as a way to show respect for the audience.

Meanwhile, there are still many fans who stood up for Wanna One and TWICE, claiming that they were forced to lip-sync because of the members’ health problems. In fact, just before the show, JYP announced Mina’s absence due to concerns about her health condition. Moreover, a lot of fans said that a lip-synching stage is not enough for the audience to deny the members’ ability.

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