2 Kpop fangirls thought to be kidnapped, actually ran away to meet BTS

The truth behind the missing case of 2 BTS fans from Pakistan have left a lot of netizens flabbergasted. 

Recently, 2 teenagers (13 and 14 years old), who live in Karachi, Pakistan, were reported as missing. In particular, after several hours of not seeing his daughter, the father of one girl reported their case to the police, worrying about a possible kidnap. Immediately, a large-scale investigation was conducted. 

BTS Busan concert
2 BTS fangirls thought to be missing tried to run away to South Korea

Afterwards, media outlet CNN reported that according to senior police superintendent Abraiz Ali Abbasi, a diary containing the two girls’ plan to run away from home to meet BTS were found. In the diary were mentions of train timetables, and a forensic examination of the girls’ social media revealed search histories of what to avoid in Korea and clothes to wear in Korea. 

An intense tracking attempt was then carried out, and the girls were found in custody of Lahore City’s police, which is over 1,200 km away, where they had traveled to by train. Then, when inquired about the reason why they tried to run away, the two cited their parents’ “Indifferent attitude”, and stated that they “want to make a life of their own.”

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BTS is world-famous Kpop artist 

According to Arab News, while the girls were found in a “miserable condition”, they were safe and sound. Nevertheless, the news of them roused many harsh opinions from netizens, who believe that fans should behave in a more moderate and safer  manner. 

Source: First Post, Arab News, CNN

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