“15th debut anniversary” SHINee Minho “TVXQ Max Changmin helped me a lot when I was having a hard time”

SHINee Minho expressed various thoughts regarding his 15th debut anniversary.

Minho appeared in the “Open Interview” section of Channel A’s weekend evening show “NewsA”, which aired at 7 PM on Jan 14th.

Minho met anchor Kim Yoon Soo and had a candid talk about a wide range of topics, including SHINee’s 15th debut anniversary, his debut as a solo singer, acting activities and soccer hobby.

15th debut anniversary SHINee Minho

Regarding topping the iTunes top albums chart in 42 regions around the world with his first solo album “CHASE”, Minho said, “I’m grateful for your interest and love from all over the world. It’s the first album under my name, so I wanted to do well. I put a lot of my opinions into it. It’s an album that’s more precious than anything else because it contains the staff’s hard work.

When asked about the burden as an artist, Minho, who celebrates his 15th debut anniversary this year, replied, “As an artist who does popular art, I always try to give a positive influence to the public. Rather than feeling burdened, I’m satisfied with that.

15th debut anniversary SHINee Minho

He added, “Of course, there were difficult times, but I received a lot of help from good people around me. In particular, TVXQ Max Changmin listened to my story and helped me a lot.

He also introduced the recently released Netflix series “The Fabulous”. He talked about acting activities, “I like acting as an actor, so I want to try various roles in the future.

Aside from his activities as a singer and actor, Minho revealed his extraordinary passion in many fields by talking about soccer, his hobby.


Finally, when asked whether he wants to stay as singer Minho or actor Choi Minho, he answered, “I want to stay as SHINee Minho more than any other image. I think it’s cool to approach the public with new and more advanced aspects within it.

Anchor Kim Yoon Soo admired, “I think Minho is a man who creates modifiers and an artist who pursues passion.

This interview was held at the Donga Media Center Open Studio in Jongno-gu, Seoul. Minho created a warm atmosphere by waving to numerous fans who gathered to cheer for him and showing the “W” gesture that symbolizes the fandom name “SHINee World”.

Minho will appear on TVING’s original program “Ticketing on Two Feet”, which is scheduled to be released for the first time on Jan 20th.

Source: Daum

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