10 famous lines by screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung that remain in viewers’ heart

Here are the drama/book lines written by Noh Hee Kyung that help viewers/readers reflect on themselves in life.

Noh Hee Kyung has completed numerous works of different genres. In particular, all the works were created with her unique personality and sense of humanity. Below are famous lines written by Noh Hee Kyung that are essential for people in our current generation. 

<More Beautiful Than a Flower>

More Beautiful Than A Flower

“That day, my sister stood at the ceremonial hall and made three resolutions. First, don’t give up easily because you know that love is hard to achieve. Second, be a person who gives first without begging for love from others. Third, appreciate and be grateful to the person standing next to you.”

<Goodbye Solo>

Goodbye Solo

“Love is not doing what you want. Love should be doing what the other wants.

We are always harsher to ourselves than to others. Of course, it is not an easy thing to do, but we hate ourselves because we’re stupid and crazy. When others swear at us, we also swear at ourselves once. That’s not enough, so some people even have tattoos on their chests and their bodies. What exactly are we trying to gain by torturing ourselves like that? Love? Understanding? Or getting away from guilt?”

<It’s Okay, That’s Love>

It's Okay That's Love

“In the deserts, camels are tied to trees at night then untied in the morning. But the camels do not run away. I also remember the night I was tied up. Just as we remember the scars of our past, such wounds are holding us back right now.

“Psychiatrists already said. We’re all patients and mental illness can appear like a cold from time to time. You have to accept each other and understand that we’re sick. Then the world would be more beautiful than it is now.”

“You don’t become the weak because you love more, you become the weak because you don’t feel the leisure in your heart. The impatience of trying to get what I gave you. I was happy because I loved, that’s okay, that’s leisure.”

<Everyone Not in Love Now Are Guilty>

Noh Hee-kyung

“That’s right, my dear, please take away my guilt There is no betrayal in love. Unless love is a deal, if one of the two changes, the relationship will naturally be broken. There’s nothing to be sorry about. If you regret not being able to complete your heart, you will only have to settle your heart a little more in the next relationship, but throw away your guilt. How can you have a lover next to you when you don’t feel excited?”

“That’s not fair. But It wasn’t your fault. Maybe we’re all fifty-fifty. Even if you loved more, that love lasted only one season or two seasons, then you changed early. It’s only a fleeting moment in life. Everything was a process. Therefore, it would be fine.”

<The World That They Live In>

Worlds Within

“Mom said, ‘Living is always getting hit in the back of the head’. Life is so ridiculous that it never comes with us knowing. It’s not just me, everyone is getting hit in the back of their heads. So don’t be upset. Mom said it was not a big deal. But that’s when mom has lived for 60 years. We’re still young and everything is important.”

<That Winter, the Wind Blows>

Song Hye Kyo

“What a person can do to a person is to comfort, not to forgive”

<Our Blues>

Our Blues

“Sometimes I cried because I didn’t like poverty, but I laughed a lot when I played with you guys, didn’t I? It wasn’t as boring and bitter as it is now.”

Writer Noh Hee Kyung made her debut in 1995 with MBC Best Theater “Sallie and Suzie”. Since then, she has built her own world of dramas with her unique style and a cold yet warm perspective. 

Source: wikitree

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