“0 people went to jail” Reasons for leniency for 340 people who purchased sexually explicit videos in Nth Room

Do you remember the Nth Room case that shook Korean society 2 years ago?

Cho Joo-bin, the operator of the doctor’s room who produced and distributed sexually explicit videos of minors, was sentenced to 42 years in prison and “God God” Moon Hyung-wook, the Nth room’s operator, was sentenced to 34 years in prison.

However, it is reported that none of the traders who bought and spread sexually explicit videos went to jail.

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On May 25th, MBC reported that as a result of examining the judgments of 340 people who were sentenced in the first trial, all of them received probation or monetary penalties.

A buyer who saw a Twitter advertisement saying “We sell sexually explicit videos of children and adolescents” used a 100,000 won gift certificate to receive a whopping 2,590 sexual exploitation items featuring children and adolescents.

The court fined the buyer 8 million won.

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Another buyer who saw an SNS advertisement and sent 350,000 won to buy 50 sexual exploitation products was punished by a fine of 5 million won.

MBC entered two words “Telegram” and “exploitation” into the court ruling reading system to search for the sentencing, then selected the sentencing of direct participants in “Doctor’s Room” and “Nth Room” or those who bought or transmitted sexually explicit videos of children and adolescents spread through Telegram.

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When MBC selected those who were punished more severely for other crimes such as sexual harassment or illegal filming, 340 people who purchased sexual exploitation products were left.

Among these 340 people, 271 were on probation. 62 people (18%) received monetary penalties, and the sentence was postponed for 7 people because their nature of crime was weak.

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If you know that it is a sexual exploitation product of children and adolescents, you are supposed to be severely punished just for having it.

A lawyer explained, “Judges have no choice but to line up according to the degree of crime, the degree of participation and the nature of crime. They cannot even be sentenced to imprisonment due to the relative difference from main culprits such as Cho Joo-bin.”

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The court fined all 340 people or postponed the execution.

The reason for the leniency was different for each.

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“A young person who’s just become an adult”, “There is room for improvement”, “I’m still a freshman”, “I’m currently a college student”, “I have strong family ties”, “I’m in a Ph.D. program”

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The most talked about was reportedly 311 cases of “first-time offenders or no criminal record of the same kind”.

You can check it out through the videos below.

Source: dispatch

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