Yuna (ITZY) and the 13-second viral fancam: who is the top visual of the 4th-generation between her and Wonyoung (IVE)? 

The gorgeous appearance of the youngest member of ITZY on stage is once again a viral topic among netizens.  

After a long period of cooling down, Yuna of ITZY seems to have been back on track. She continuously appears in many hot topics about visual, amazed all fans and non-fans with her ethereal beauty ever since she reached 20-year-old (Korean age).

Recently, the youngest member of ITZY becomes a hot topic among netizens once again with her fancam that is only 13 seconds long. Everyone is stunned by her charms. Even though she was only standing still, Yuna still exuded the aura of a celebrity, amazed internet users with her perfect face.

Fans “fainted” because of her beauty

Turns out, this video is cut out from the full fancam of Yuna on the stage “Mafia In The Morning + Sorry Not Sorry” at SBS Gayo Daejun 2021. At that time, she was even jokingly called the “final boss” after taking all of the spotlights as the gorgeous MC of the event. It has been 3 months but netizens still cannot forget about her visual that day.

The full version of Yuna’s viral fancam
When she is the MC…
and when she is on stage, her beauty still shines no matter where she is.

Netizens commented:

  • Yuna’s on-stage expression is amazing. She changes her facial expressions flexibly, both cute and cool.
  • I think she is the most attractive one among the Gen 4 female visuals.
  • Never stan any JYP idol but I still love Yuna. Pretty face, pretty figure, and good at dancing too. I love watching Yuna’s fancams.
  • Up to now, no Gen 4 visual can surpass her. She is No.1 visual of Gen 4.

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Netizens praise Yuna as the best visual of the 4th generation

Referring to the top visual of Gen 4, netizens have debated this subject several times. Yuna appears in the majority of today’s beauty charts, and no one can deny the female idol’s attractiveness. However, when it came to the No.1 position, she had a formidable opponent – Wonyoung (IVE).

jang won young
In terms of beauty, Yuna and Wonyoung are both said to be very attractive

The situation has changed since Wonyoung’s re-debut. Although netizens frequently bash the IVE leader’s talent, they still show great affection for Wonyoung’s innocent and charming attractiveness.

Not to mention other famous Kpop visuals like Karina (aespa), or even newly-debuted rookie Sullyoon (NMIXX), Yuna and Wonyoung seem to be the two most potential candidates for the title of “4th generation visual queen”. Both are beautiful and are members of the top girlgroup Gen 4, who will win?

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