Yulhee shed tears during child-rearing, “My back hurts so much”

Yulhee shared her daily childcare routine with her three kids.

On Nov 19th, Yulhee uploaded a video titled “Back to 24 hours of childcare again…” on her YouTube channel “Yulhee’s House”. At 10:30 AM, Yulhee was preparing meals for her children. She confessed, “Yesterday, the kids woke up in the middle and fell asleep again at 3 AM. They overslept, so I don’t think they’ll eat as soon as they wake up or take a nap. I’m going to the hospital to do various things.” She then fed the twins, and the twins picked up sausages with their hands and put them into their mouths.

Laboum Yulhee children

After that, Yulhee started cleaning the house. Jaeyul showed his mature side by informing his mother of the sausages that the twins spit out while eating. While Yulhee was eating, Choi Min-hwan began to change the children’s clothes to go out. However, they refused. Yulhee saw this and laughingly said, “It’s a mess. It’s a war.”

Laboum Yulhee children

Even Yulhee also participated in dressing the children, then the family went out. After returning home, Yulhee lamented, “My back hurts so much that I can’t move. I took medicine and put on pain relief patches.” Eventually, Yulhee took a rest while the kids made a mess and played in the house.

Laboum Yulhee children

Yulhee, who later felt a little better, exclaimed with surprise, “The babies messed up while I was lying down.” She then helped Jaeyul study and bathed the children. Yulhee took Arin out first, applied lotion and dried her hair. After that, it was Ayun’s turn. However, Ayun constantly rushed into her mom’s arms. Yul-hee said in pain, “My back hurts, please.”

Laboum Yulhee children

Nevertheless, Ayun continued to cry as she tried to be held in her mom’s arms and Yulhee struggled to apply lotion to Ayun. In the end, Yulhee also showed tears. At that time, Choi Min-hwan came out into the living room. Yulhee told him, “Hubby, please do it for me. My back hurts so much.” She then left Ayun to Choi Min-hwan.

Laboum Yulhee children

After a while, Yulhee read fairy tales to her children and made them study. Choi Min-hwan cut the children’s nails, then they quickly fell asleep. Although Ayun woke up at midnight and ate, Yulhee’s 24 hours of childcare ended like this.


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