YouTuber who badmouthed Karina and Jang Wonyoung reported video that showed his identity 

The owner of YouTube channel Sojang tried to protect his identity after spreading malicious rumors about celebrities like Karina and Jang Wonyoung. 

On November 1st, a video on the YouTube channel “Fact about Sojang”, which reveals the identity of Sojang – a YouTuber who spread malicious rumors, was reported. In particular, Sojang claimed that they reported it directly to hide the actual image of themselves. 

Karina Jang Won-young

The owner of YouTuber channel Sojang has criticized several idols such as Jang Wonyoung and Karina online, on various SNS platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, DC Inside, Instiz, and T-story, and has been active since the days when first-generation idols were successful.

Karina Jang Won-young

In particular, Sojang has a history of accusing Jang Wonyoung of copying Freezia, making baseless claims of idol members not being on good terms, and recruiting part-timers to comment on YouTube videos of Jang Wonyoung.

Karina Jang Won-young

In addition, back on December 20th, BTS member V also mentioned Sojang on Weverse and  declared that he would sue.  The channel was also previously sued by EXO member Xiumin.

Source: wikitree

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