Youtuber calculates the total cost of Moon Dong Eun’s revenge on the bullies in “The Glory”

Netflix’s original series “The Glory”, which depicts the revenge of school violence victim Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), continues its overwhelming popularity with the recent release of Part 2 on March 10th. In particular, the drama exceeded 124 million viewing hours within three days. 

The Glory

“The Glory” gained compliments and favorable responses for its perfect ending with Moon Dong Eun’s successful revenge plan. In the meantime, some viewers are questioning the amount of money Moon Dong Eun used in the revenge that she had spent her entire life preparing.

On March 16th, Youtuber “DaisyChannel” uploaded a video titled “How much did Moon Dong Eun spend on her revenge?” and aroused keen interest from netizens.

The Glory

The released video shows the Youtuber analyzing the expenses that Moon Dong Eun of “The Glory” might have paid to revenge on the school violence perpetrators. She listed out different categories of expenses, including villa rent, utility bills, Kang Hyeon Nam (Yeom Hye Ran)’s salary, food and fuel, camera and microphone equipment, cloned phones, quick delivery fees, DNA testing costs, etc.

The Glory

Kang Hyeon Nam’s daughter’s overseas study, abandoned building purchases, Yoon So Hee’s funeral, etc. were also included in her revenge plan, but it was assumed that Moon Dong Eun did not spend her own money on these expenses.

The YouTuber then estimated that the total cost of Moon Dong Eun’s revenge plan would not exceed 100 million won with the lowest estimate at around 70 million won.

Internet users who watched the video reacted enthusiastically, saying “It actually cost less than I expected, but didn’t she sacrifice 18 years of her life for that? She can’t buy that with money”, “Moon Dong Eun’s revenge is surprisingly cost-effective”, etc.

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