“You were wrong. Do I have a weird personality?”… Choi Ji-woo got angry at the staff who said “She’s tough” on the recent show

The appearance of actress Choi Ji-woo when she got angry on the show “Random Tour As You Wish” drew laughter from the viewers.

On August 24th, MBN’s “Random Tour As You Wish (무작정투어 원하는대로) released a video titled, “What’s with this casting? Award-winning lineup! That’s tough”.

In the video, Shin Ae-ra said to Oh Yeon-soo, Yoon Yoo-seon, and Park Ha-sun, “This is our first time doing a broadcast together” and showed a happy expression.

choi ji won

In response, Choi Ji-woo said, “I went to where you got your makeup done. The hairstylists gathered up like this, and do you know what their first words were?”, adding “They said, ‘Oh, that’s tough’”, making everyone burst into laughter.

Oh Yeon-soo asked back, “What tough thing did they say?”. Choi Ji-woo answered, “Us!”, adding “As soon as they heard our names (they said we’re tough)”. In addition, Choi Ji-woo complained, “So I told them ‘You were wrong! Why do you think we’re tough?’”, drawing laughter as she showed an angry expression.

choi ji won

Choi Ji-woo continued, “I asked, ‘Why do you think I’m tough? Do I have such a weird personality?’, and they said ‘We thought you wouldn’t go (join the program)’. Oh Yeon-soo reacted “Is that our image?” as if she couldn’t understand the situation. Yoon Yoo-seon added, “We’re not scary people”.

Shin Ae-ra then said, “Let’s ask Ha-sun ‘Are we tough?’ later”. In response, Park Ha-sun said, “I can be tough”, making everyone laugh. Yoon Yoo-sun continued, “Ha-sun can be tough. She’s now a mother”.

choi ji won

Meanwhile, “Random Tour As You Wish” is an entertainment program that shows real friends going on a trip that is 100% natural and without a plan. The first episode will air at 10:20 p.m on August 25th. 

Source: Nate

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