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Unfortunate news about “Yoo Quiz on the Block” grandfather guest who has provided free weddings for 55 years was reported

Sad news about Baek Nak Sam, who has provided “free” weddings for 15,000 couples for 55 years, was recently revealed. 

On December 1st, MBN’s “Special World” revealed the recent status of the couple Baek Nak Sam (91 years old) and Choi Pil Soon (81 years old), who have held free weddings during the past 55 years.

Baek Nak-sam

Grandmother Choi Pil Soon appeared on the show alone and talked about CEO Baek Nak Sam’s current health condition.

Choi Pil Soon recalled, “My husband collapsed from a cerebral hemorrhage (a type of stroke)”, adding “I was preparing a meal. My husband went up the rooftop at around 6 a.m. but didn’t come down even after 7 a.m. After then, I found him fainting.”

Baek Nak-sam

She tearfully said, “I screamed because I was so shocked. A neighbor heard my scream and called 119. My husband woke up after an hour”, adding “If he hadn’t woken up, I would have left this world either”.

Baek Nak-sam

CEO Baek Nak Sam has regained consciousness, but he is unable to move. The scene in which Choi Pil Soon and her son visited the nursing hospital where Baek Nak Sam was staying.

Baek Nak-sam

Even after CEO Baek collapsed from a cerebral hemorrhage, Choi Pil Soon continues to hold free weddings with the help of her son. Choi Pil Soon mends dresses and tuxedos, while the son is in charge of officiating and taking photos of the weddings on behalf of his father.

Baek Nak-sam

Meanwhile, Baek Nak Sam has operated a wedding hall service in Masan, Gyeongsangnam-do since 1967 and provided free weddings for couples who lack money. CEO Baek received an award in recognition of his contribution last year. He also appeared on tvN’s entertainment show “You Quiz on the Block” and talked about his good deeds. 

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