YG’s Kpop idols are simply next-level in their airport appearances

The airport fashion of YG artists is in a league of their own. 

Idols from YG Entertainment are always famous for their unique fashion senses, swaggy personalities, and outstanding talents. Whether they are on the stage, in music videos, or at events, they always retain their own colors and stand out amid the crowd. This is even more obvious in their airport appearances, which never fail to boast stunning fashion senses and luxurious vibes. 

YG artists never fail to blow people away whenever they appear at the airport. 

G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

Recently, the BIGBANG leader G-Dragon has caused quite the hype at the airport when he departed for a Chanel fashion show in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The moment he stepped out from the car, the male idol caught all eyes with a Chanel fit from head to toe. Fans and the public alike couldn’t praise G-Dragon enough, saying that for over 16 years, he’s still the symbol of fashion in the Kpop industry. 

G-Dragon looked super stylish in his eye-catching Chanel outfit. 
This look received a lot of compliments from netizens. 
The male idol clasped his hands while greeting reporters.  
G-Dragon still tried to interact with the media while checking in, as if to thank them for waiting for him despite the late hours. 

Alongside his fashion sense, the luxurious car that G-Dragon arrived in also drew attention. IT was a White Rolls Royce Ghost that amounted to around 776 million won (over 600,000 USD). The car plate also oozed luxury with numbers representing G-Dragon’s year of birth in 1988. 



As one of the top Kpop girl groups as of the moment and ambassadors for various luxury brands, BLACKPINK are constantly going to and fro the airport. Therefore, there are always reporters and fans swarming around the 4 female idols in their airport appearances, and one time Jennie even had to cover her head while Rosé almost lost her footing. 

Despite having assistance from airport employees, the BLACKPINK members were still completely surrounded. 
Jennie was so stressed by the crowd that she had to cover her head and avoid cameras. 
Rosé almost fell while being swarmed at the airport.
Despite social distancing regulations, Jisoo couldn’t escape the media while departing for France. 
Fans camped at the airport to welcome Lisa back to Thailand on her recent trip home. 
The crowd and securities alike couldn’t withstand the charms of the BLACKPINK member. 

Mino (WINNER) 

Mino is super well-known for being among male Kpop idols with the most unique fashion sense. At the airport, the rapper has shown off his abs, adorned peculiar accessories and clothes, all while blowing fans away with a super swag aura. 

Mino boasted his god-like body with six pack abs at the airport. 
The rapper has a one-of-a-kind fashion style. 
And never fails to impress people with his distinctive outfits and accessories. 

YG artists truly make the airport their runway with individual styles and vibes, and never fail to show their own colors in the highly-competitive Kpop industry.  

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