Yeri and Tae Yong are dating or are they just ‘best friends’?

The ymaknae of Red Velvet and the NCT’s member were found to use ‘couple costume’. There is also an opinion that they are just friends with common interests.

On October 1, a topic about Yeri (Red Velvet) and Tae Yong (NCT 127) entered the top trending on Pann Nate. Netizens wondered about the relationship of the two SM idols when the two idols wore “couple costume”.

In the photo Mark posted on NCT 127’s Twitter account on September 30, Tae Yong wore a gray beanie hat from the AMI brand. Coincidentally, in the photo on Instagram 6 days earlier, Yeri also wore a similar hat but with different colors. AMI is a brand for men ant not a sponsor brand, so the fact that Yeri is wearing a hat of this brand has made fans more suspicious.Previously, there were dating rumors between Yeri and Taeyong, so details about the two idols wearing “couple hats” made fans excited. Some people think that Yeri and Tae Yong have never broken up and are still secretly dating. Others guess that the two idols have broken up but they are now back together.

Yeri and Taeyong (pink hair) were spotted talking to each other at ISAC 2019.
On February 7, 2018, Tae Yong reminded fans of the flu and said “we have a sick person”. However, at that time, no one was sick. Fans suspected that the person Tae Yong was talking about was Yeri because 3 days earlier, the Red Velvet member was hospitalized because of the flu.

Before the rumors, fans of Yeri and Tae Yong think that the two idols were just close colleagues, they were completely not dating. The fact that they used hats of the same brand may mean they have similar interests. There isn’t any reliable proof that Yeri – Tae Yong are in a love relationship.

Since their debut, Yeri and Tae Yong have made netizens curious many times. Evidence suggests the two idols are most likely in a relationship. The two idols have many things in common in their hobbies and clothes. Yeri was also caught looking at a photo of a man very similar to Tae Yong on her phone. At the SM Town concert, the audience also noticed the moments when Yeri and Tae Yong looked briefly at each other on stage. Some informations from saesang-fan, Yeri and Tae Yong had been dating in the past but it is unclear what their current relationship status is. Because of her special friendship with Tae Yong, the maknae of Red Velvet is hated by NCT ​​fans. Although nothing has confirmed that this relationship is “100% real”, Yeri is also infected and received a large amount of antifans.

In a picture Yeri posted in 2016 with the caption: “Yo Oh Ong ~~~ Honestly, the way I look at you is the same”. Korean netizens believed that the female singer was giving a message to Tae Yong, who also had nickname “Yong”.
The dating rumors of the two idols are so popular that when searching for Yeri’s name on Naver, Tae Yong’s name will be suggested below.
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