Taeyeon suddenly shared that she was listening to BLACKPINK’s music

The great support from colleagues and seniors like Taeyeon proves BLACKPINK’s position in Kbiz.

Lovesick Girls and THE ALBUM are continuing to demonstrate blackpink’s appeal by giving fans their new side. This is a very memorable milestone of BLACKPINK because the group has their first full album after 4 years.

This album of BLACKPINK not only attracts interest from fans but also other Kpop idols. Recently, Taeyeon – leader of SNSD – posted on instagram a picture of her listening to the song “Bet You Wanna” – the 4th track in the album THE ALBUM of BLACKPINK (ft Cardi B). Fans of both groups were delighted because of Taeyeon’s support for BLACKPINK.

Previously, the leader of SNSD gave her album to Jisoo when Jisoo was the MC of Inkigayo.Jisoo was delighted to receive the album with the Taeyeon’s message on it: “I have watched BLACKPINK’s promotions. And MC Jisoo, do your best! From now on, continue to show everyone your great stages. BLACKPINK fighting, Jisoo fighting! Try your best!”

Knet also immediately commented:

– Taeyeon, please take a selfie with Jennie …

– I like Taeyeon so much!

– King Taeyeon.

– Does Taeyeon know BLACKPINK? Actually, she also has many relationships. But a fan of both Taeyeon and Jennie like me is very happy.

– I also like that song.

– Cardi B?

– That song’s really good so everyone please listen to it!

Sources: k14

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