“Woo Young Woo” Park Eun Bin Wins Grand Prize, Song Hye Kyo and Lee Sung Min Honored with Best Actor Awards [BAEKSANG ART AWARDS 2023]

This year’s Baeksang highlighted actresses’ performances like never before. “Extraordinary Lawyer Woo Young Woo” Park Eun Bin won Daesang.

On the afternoon of the 28th, the “59th Baeksang Arts Awards” were held at the Paradise City Hotel in Jung-gu, Incheon. The MCs were broadcaster Shin Dong Yeop, singer and actress Suzy, and actor Park Bo-gum.

BAEKSANG ART AWARDS 2023 park eun bin

On this day, Park Eun Bin won the grand prize trophy for last year’s hit ENA drama “Extraordinary Lawyer Woo Young Woo,” which recorded a high viewer rating of 17.5%.

As her name was called, Park Eun Bin covered her mouth as if she couldn’t believe it and shed tears before finally making her way to the stage. She said, “Many works were made over the past year, and there were many people who dedicated themselves to those works. I am grateful for being awarded this prize,” and continued, “I received more love and attention than I expected. If it weren’t for your love, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Looking back on her childhood, Park Eun Bin said, “I always hoped that if I never gave up my dream of becoming an actress, someday I could become an adult who could receive this award. Thank you for making that dream come true for me today.”

Park Eun Bin looked back on the acting process of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which was impressive and by no means easy. The actress said, “I hope that attempting to understand Woo Young Woo can be a chance for me to learn about autism spectrum disorders, even just a little bit. I didn’t have a grand dream of changing the world, but I hoped that through this work, I could at least cultivate a kinder heart than before and help recognize the unique characteristics that each of us possesses as diversity. I sincerely thank everyone who walked with me on this journey.”

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Referring to her favorite line from “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which is “My life is strange and unusual, but it is valuable and beautiful”, Park Eun Bin expressed her delight in being able to convey such a message through the drama.

“Even though it may be difficult, I want to cherish Woo Young Woo’s steps of acknowledging, accepting, and embracing her own life”, the actress shared.

Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo took the crown for the Best Actress Award in the TV Drama category. This section drew attention from the beginning, as it boasts a lineup of top-tier nominees such as Kim Ji Won (“My Liberation Notes”), Kim Hye Soo (“Under the Queen’s Umbrella”), Park Eun Bin (“Extraordinary Attorney Woo”), Song Hye Kyo (“The Glory”), and Suzy (“Anna”).


Upon receiving the award, Song Hye Kyo climbed the stage and said, “I got an award, Yeon Jin ah. I’m so thrilled right now”, quoting a line from “The Glory”. The actress also continued, “I really wanted to receive this award. Thank you to the wonderful actors who were with me, the director who filled in Moon Dong Eun’s shortcomings, and the fans.”

Having worked on her second project with Kim Eun Sook after “Descendants of the Sun”, Song Hye Kyo said, “It is an honor to work on Kim Eun Sook’s piece. I’m grateful that she entrusted me with Moon Dong Eun. Although it was tough and painful during the acting process, it made me want to work even harder. I will work even harder from now on.”

Son Seok Gu (“My Liberation Notes”), Lee Byung Hun (“Our Blues”), Lee Sung Min (“Reborn Rich”), Jung Kyung Ho (“Crash Course in Romance”), and Choi Min Sik (“Big Bet”) were nominated for Best Actor in the Television category. In the end, Lee Sung Min was announced as the winner.

Taking the stage to receive his trophy, the actor shared, “‘Reborn Rich’ did not receive any award in other categories. I wondered what it would be if even I couldn’t get an award. I thought I would be sitting there clapping for two hours, but thank you for saving my face”, drawing laughter.

Lee Sung Min continued, “Our work went through various adventures. I want to thank JTBC for their efforts in turning such a hard subject into a drama, and I’m also grateful to the original author of the story”, adding “We filmed the drama for exactly 11 months. It was not easy at all, but all the staff members worked so hard”. Lastly, he mentioned actor Song Joong Ki, saying “Song Joong Ki, the real main character of this drama, should have come here, but he gave me this award. Thank you, Song Joong Ki”.

Lee Sung Min Lee Sung Min -BAEKSANG ART AWARDS 2023

The 59th Baeksang Arts Awards judged content released on terrestrial channels, cable channels, OTT, and various web platforms from April 1st, 2022 to March 31st, 2023, as well as Korean feature films premiered and theatrical performances staged during the same period. A preliminary survey was conducted with the participation of 60 industry experts, then judges in each category, who were appointed based on recommendations from professional groups of experts representing Television, Film, and Theater, determined the final nominations through a fair and strict screening process.

Below is the list of winners at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards

Grand Prize (Daesang) in Television: Park Eun Bin

Grand Prize (Daesang) in Film: Decision to Leave

Best Actress in Television: “The Glory” Song Hye Kyo

Best Actor in Television: “Reborn Rich” Lee Sung Min

Baeksang Theater Award: None Elected

Best Drama: The Glory

Best Film: The Night Owl

Best Educational Show: Adult Kim Jang Ha

Best Actress in Film: “Decision to Leave” Tang Wei

Best Actor in Film: “The Night Owl” Ryu Jun Yeol

Acting Award in Theater: “Teenage Dick” Ha Ji Seong

TikTok Popularity Award: Park Jin Young, IU

Best Director in Film: Park Chan Wook of “Decision to Leave” 

Best Director in Television: Yoo In Shik of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”

Best Male Variety Performer: Kim Jong Kook

Best Female Variety Performer: Lee Eun Ji

Best Entertainment Program: Psick Show Season 3

Gucci Impact Award: Jung Joo Ri

Best Supporting Actor in Film: “Hansan: Rising Dragon” Byun Yo Han

Best Supporting Actress in Film: “6/45” Park Se Wan

Best Supporting Actor in Television: Jo Woo Jin

Best Supporting Actress in Television: Lim Ji Yeon

Best Screenplay in Film: “Next Sohee” Jung Joo Ri

Best Screenplay in Television: “My Liberation Notes” Park Hae Young

Technical Award: “Hunt” Lee Mo Gae, “Little Women” Ryu Seong Hee

Best New Director: “The Night Owl” Ahn Tae Jin

Best New Actor in Film: “Christmas Carol” Park Jin Young

Best New Actress in Film: “Next Sohee” Kim Si Eun

Best New Actor in Television: “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” Moon Sang Min

Best New Actress in Television: “Crash Course in Romance” Roh Yoon Seo

Source: Daum

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