Wonder Girls’ Yubin scouts the first junior idol for her self-established company 

Singer-songwriter Soye signs with rrr Entertainment, led by Wonder Girls’ Yubin.

On June 23rd, rrr Entertainment released an official statement, saying, “We recently signed an exclusive contract with Soye (søye), who is working as a singer-songwriter. We will give full support to Soye in her various music activities in the future.”

Wonder Girls’ Yubin

Soye, with her strong vocals and charming voice tone, made a name for herself by winning a bronze medal at the “Yoo Jae Ha Music Contest” in 2019.  She then made her debut in 2020 as a soloist. 

Wonder Girls’ Yubin

Soye expressed her goal regarding the decision to join rrr Entertainment, “More than a singer-songwriter who writes songs and sings them, I want to become a musician who communicates with everyone sincerely and delivers messages of empathy, healing, and happiness through music.” 

Wonder Girls’ Yubin

In particular, Soye is receiving a lot of attention as she became the first trainee of Yubin, member of top 2nd gen girl group Wonder Girl and famous solo artist. Attention is focused on whether Yubin, who has successfully progressed in both her group and individual activities, will manage to make Soye a star.

Source: wikitree

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