WJSN Seola won first place as the official visual queen of “Queendom 2”: “I’ll become prettier”

In “Queendom 2,” group WJSN Seola became the official visual queen.

On the latest episode of Mnet’s entertainment program “Queendom 2,” which aired on the night of May 5th, a full-fledged competition for the third “Unit Round” with up to 20,000 points was held.

On this day, all 37 members of all teams joined to pick out the “Official Visual Queen.” Kepler’s Xiaoting was chosen as the third-best visual queen. They commented, “She has such a convincing visual. She’s really tall.”

2nd place was taken by LOONA’s Heejin. The other idols said, “When I saw her in person, I thought she was really pretty. Her nose is high and her features are so clear. She is a friend who has a bare face that we admired every day. She is an attractive idol with a low-pitched voice.”

WJSN’s Seola received the most votes. Seola said, “The people here are even more beautiful. I will try to become prettier.” In particular, she gained her own luminous effect throughout the broadcast as a first-place gift.


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