Having the same problem on stage, Winter (aespa) handled it within 2 seconds while the ITZY member was criticized for being clumsy

The video comparing members from aespa and ITZY’s problem-solving ability is controversial.

Problems with technical equipments on the performance stage are a common situation with Kpop idols. When performing choreography, Korean idols often drop the mic cord, and each person has different ways of handling it. Recently, a video comparing the incident of Lia (ITZY) and Winter (aespa) attracted the attention of Kpop fans. Faced with the same situation while performing, how did the two 4th Gen idols solve the problem?

Video of Lia (ITZY) and Winter (aespa) handling the problem with the mic cord while singing

During a stage to promote “LOCO” in October 2021, Lia suddenly encountered a problem when the mic cord fell down. She was confused because she was wearing a super short skirt which even made her spandex shorts visible in many moments when performing. Lia took a while to hold the dangling mic cord and tuck it into the back of her skirt. She even had to stop dancing to fix the costume. The female idol’s handling was praised by fans, but non-fans thought it was too clumsy, and unprofessional.

aespa Winter being professional
Lia’s mic cord fell off while performing “LOCO”
aespa Winter being professional
aespa Winter being professional
It took her a while to fix the problem

Meanwhile, encountering the same problem as Lia, but Winter of aespa had a quicker “solution”. This was when Winter had just debuted and was promoting for “Black Mamba”, but she was already very confident and professional. As soon as the mic cord fell, Winter took only 2 seconds to put it back in her pocket. It is worth mentioning that the female idol is extremely agile as she kept performing while handling the incident so as not to let the situation affect the group’s overall stage.

aespa Winter being professional
Winter quickly realized that the mic cord was dropped and grabbed it
aespa Winter being professional
And neatly and professionally put it in her pocket

In response to the comments that Lia is less professional than Winter, Lia’s fans explained that it is impossible to compare these two situations. The reason was that Lia was wearing a short skirt, which was difficult to move and handle situations. Therefore, the situation Lia encountered was much more awkward, and the fact that she stopped performing to adjust the mic cord is completely understandable.


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