Will Lee Jong Suk, who became MBC’s pride with “Big Mouth”, win Daesang for the second time?

As “Big Mouth” is the most successful drama on MBC this year, viewers are raising expectations for the male lead actor Lee Jong Suk to win an award.

The 2022 MBC Drama Awards will be held on December 30th. This year’s award ceremony will be hosted by broadcaster Kim Sung Joo and Girls’ Generation Choi Soo Young.

MBC has presented dramas of various genres, such as “Tracer”, “Tomorrow”, “From Now On, Showtime!”, “Doctor Lawyer”, “The Golden Spoon”, “May I Help You?”, etc. Most of them received favorable reviews in terms of work quality, but none exceeded 10% in ratings.

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Among all the drama releases, only “Big Mouth” achieved ratings higher than 10% and became MBC’s pride in 2022. Starring Lee Jong Suk and Im Yoon Ah, “Big Mouth” is the MBC drama with the highest rating record and MBC’s most talked-about work this year.

“Big Mouth” depicts the story of a lawyer with 10% winning rate, who gets caught up in a murder case he happened to be in charge of and mistaken for the genius conman Big Mouse overnight, digging into the bare face of the privileged class that has been stained with a huge conspiracy to survive and protect his family. The drama captivated viewers by introducing its hard-boiled noir worldview and presenting a series of twists. It ended with a resting peak of 13.7%. 

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Lee Jong Suk is also credited with the commercial success of “Big Mouth”. In “Big Mouth”, Lee Jong Suk plays Park Chang Ho, a third-rate lawyer who is accused of being the genius swindler Big Mouse after getting caught up in an accidental case. Through this drama, he returned to the small screen after 3 years and once again impressed viewers with his perfect acting transformation by breaking away from the image of the main character of a romance drama.

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Lee Jong Suk received rave reviews for his detailed portrayal of a bitter lawyer whom no one wants to work with due to his low winning rate, the slyness of carrying out a double spy life, the madness to clear an unfair false accusation, and the awakening of anger to protect his family.

Previously, Lee Jong Suk once won the Daesang at the 2016 MBC Drama Awards for his performance in the drama “W”. Attention is focusing on whether he will be able to hold the Daesang trophy once again in six years after “Big Mouth” became MBC’s pride this year.

Source: Naver

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