The face-off between SM Family members… Will Choi Si-won and Do Kyung-soo be able to surpass Park Min-young’s drama in the Wed-Thu drama competition?

Choi Si-won’s “Love Is for Suckers” and Do Kyung-soo’s “Bad Prosecutor” will be released at the same time on October 5th.

Super Junior’s Choi Si-won and EXO’s Do Kyung-soo (D.O), who are senior and junior under SM Entertainment, will face each other in the competition of Wednesday-Thursday dramas as the dramas led by the two are about to be released at the same time. While expectations for the new image transformation of Do Kyung-soo, who returns to the small screen after four years, and the romantic comedy led by Choi Si-won, who has gained huge popularity with his performance in TVing’s “Work Later, Drink Now”, attention is also focused on the face-off of the two and whether they will beat tvN’s “Love in Contract”, which currently ranks 1st among Wed-Thu TV series.

Do Kyung-soo and Choi Si-won will appear as the main character actors of KBS2’s “Bad Prosecutor” and ENA’s “Love Is for Suckers”, respectively, which will air for the first time today (October 5th).

Bad Prosecutor”, starring Do Kyung-soo, is an action investigation drama about a bad prosecutor who breaks down the rules set by wealth and power and even the evil people living in it. In this drama, Do Kyung-soo plays Jin Jung, a prosecutor who chose to be bad rather than sincere and punishes corrupt powers with expedient and trickery. 


Proving his strong presence by starring in not only dramas, such as “It’s Okay, That’s Love” and “100 Days My Prince”, but also movies, such as “My Annoying Brothers”, “Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds”, “Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days”, and “Swing Kids”, Do Kyung-soo gained recognition and successfully got rid of the “idol actor” label. Therefore, many drama viewers are looking forward to his first drama after being discharged from the military. In addition, Do Kyung-soo, who has tried many images through various genres, is now transforming into a bad prosecutor, signaling a new face that he has never shown before.


However, the recent overflow of dramas using law material based on lawyers and prosecutors, such as “One Dollar Lawyer”, “The Law Cafe”, “The Empire: Empire of Law”, “May It Please the Court”, etc., has become a double-edged sword for “Bad Prosecutor”. To some extent, it can guarantee the drama’s success, but it can also make the viewers feel bored right from the start. The fate of the work depends on Do Kyung-soo’s expressions and ability to make his character look more lively and different from others in the existing legal works.

If Do Kyung-soo’s new drama is expected to give a sense of entertainment, Choi Si-won will appear in a sweet atmosphere of a romantic comedy together with Lee Da-hee. 

“Love Is for Suckers” tells the story of 20-year-old best friends Yeoreum (Lee Da-hee) and Jae-hoon (Choi Si-won), who unexpectedly meet as a producer and cast of a dating reality show and feel unexpected feelings of love. 

Love Is For Suckers

Park Jae-hoon, played by Choi Si-won, was a neurosurgeon who graduated from Korea’s top medical school, but now works as a plastic surgery paid doctor only 3 days a week and lives the life of a half-unemployed who runs around local comic book cafes and Internet cafes. Park Jae-hoon is a person who agrees with the “cool flirting” dating style in this era and thinks that people should enjoy playing not only in their work but also relationships. 

This time, Choi Si-won, who has been so well-loved for his comic acting and sweet melodrama image through “She Was Pretty” and “Work Later, Drink Now”, chose a rom-com, which can also utilize his strengths. On top of that, the combination of Lee Da-hee and Choi Si-won’s visuals and physiques heralds perfect chemistry.

Choi Si-won

To be released as a follow-up work to “Good Job”, which ended somewhat quietly after “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” syndrome, “Love Is for Suckers” is arousing the viewers’ curiosity about whether it will be able to make a rebound in ENA’s rating performance.

In the situation that “Love in Contract“, starring Park Min-young and Go Kyung-pyo, who will compete with Do Kyung-soo and Choi Si-won, failed to make an upward trend after recording 4% ratings in the first episode, it is an opportunity for the two new productions to impress the viewers.

While “Love in Contract” is being led by “Rom-com Queen” Park Min-young, her dating rumors with a troublesome wealthy businessman broke out after episode 2 aired and affected the result of the drama. Beyond just dating rumors, suspicions of the man in Park Min-young’s dating rumors being a hidden major shareholder of a virtual asset exchange, and engaging in suspicious fund flows were also raised.

Love In Contract

In the end, Park Min-young drew a line, confirming that she had already broken up with him a day after the romance rumor erupted, but it is clear that the actress has poured cold water on her ongoing work. As proof of this, “Love in Contract” recorded viewer ratings in the range of 3% in the 3rd and 4th episodes. Especially, the proportion of female viewers in their 40s recorded a fall of 3.1% (based on TNMS), from 5.9% the previous week to 2.8% in episode 3, in the aftermath of the dating rumors.

Currently, the viewership performances of the Wednesday-Thursday dramas have been sluggish since the end of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. “Good Job”, “If You Wish Upon Me”, and “Adamas” all had to be satisfied with ratings in the 2-3% range. Therefore, expectations are high on whether Do Kyung-soo and Choi Si-won can become hidden cards for ENA to escape the sluggish rating situation and who among the two will win the SM family competition first.

Source: Daum

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