Why Seo Hyun Jin publicly called out a convenience store part-timer in her 20s 

Former MBC announcer Seo Hyun Jin pointed out the insincere attitude of a part-time worker

On August 6th, Seo Hyun Jin posted on her Instagram story that: “I came to Yongsan Station for work and went to a convenience store to buy a hair tie.”

“I couldn’t find it no matter how much I searched, so I asked a part-timer in her 20s, but she didn’t even take her eyes off the cell phone she was using, and told me that she didn’t know the moment I asked,” the announcer continued, angrily. 

seo hyun jin

She then added: “I was so embarrassed for a moment that I didn’t say anything and just left, and I thought, ‘I don’t know who that convenience store owner is, so I couldn’t report it.”

The female announcer then concluded with an advice: “I’m afraid that this might sound old-fashioned, but what makes one’s job stand out is respect and affection for one’s self.”

seo hyun jin

Finally, despite not getting the hair tie, she tried to lighten up the post, saying: “I had to start practicing with my hair all out like a ghost.”

Seo Hyun Jin joined the public broadcasting station MBC as an announcer in 2004, and resigned in 2014. She then married a 5 years older husband in 2017 and has since given birth to a son.

Source: wikitree

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