Why is South East Asia such a promising market to BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE and many other K-Pop stars?

There must be a reason for why BTS, TWICE, BLACKPINK and many other K-Pop stars have such a special attention for the South East Asia area.

To every K-Pop group, apart from the Korean market, agencies always head to other markets oversea to broaden the influence of that group. It can easily be seen that, in recent years, top groups of the new generation such as BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE, GOT7,…all emphasizes and and focus on countries of the South East Asia area. What is the reason for this trend?

BTS, BLACKPINK and TWICE are currently the top names of K-Pop

Based on the YouTube views of top 3rd generation groups, South East Asian countries seem to care a lot about K-Pop’s products. Views from countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, or Thailand, Vietnam are all in the top contributor countries of the aforementioned groups.

Indonesia, the Phillippines, Thailand, Vietnam are the top 4 view contributors of BLACKPINK.
The same with BTS
Thailand – Bambam (GOT7) ’s home country – also leads the list of view contributors for this group.
MOMOLAND witht heir hit “BBOOM BBOOM” is extremely famous in the Philippines and Vietnam.
For TWICE, South East Asian countries such as Indonesia, the Phillipines, Vietnam, Thailand or Malaysia always appear in the top watched.
BLACKPINK can be seen as the invincible champion in South East Asia!

Apart from that, South East Asian countries are promising venues to do the opening show for K-Pop stars’ world tour. Countries with large population such as Indonesia or Malaysia are already very familiar destinations to TWIC, BLACKPINK and other groups.

South East Asian countries continuously appear as venues for BLACKPINK…
And TWICE’s world tour.

However, Korean netizens are debating over this matter and suggesting many different reasons:

– “I don’t think so. South East Asian fans watch YouTube more than TVm that’s why the views from them are high.”

– “Instead of listening and buying music or albums, fans from those countries always listen on YouTube for free…”

– “These statistics are not wrong, their area’s population is 650 million people you know!”

– “That’s because they listen to music on nowhere else but YouTube.”

– “Thailand is the country with the highest smartphone users ratio in the world!”

– “MOMOLAND is extremely famous in the Philippines, they can even be compared to the “Gangnam Style” sensation there!”

– “It is smart for a group to gain access to the South East Asia markets through YouTube first.”

– “But it’s true that K-Pop is extremely popular in South East Asia. Even though our artists sing in a foreign language to them.”

– “It’s also because the price for promotion and stuff is cheaper in South East Asia.”

Source: Kenh14

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