Why did Lisa burst into tears on the live broadcast?

Yesterday evening, the last and special episode of the show “Youth With You 2” was officially broadcasted, revealing untold stories and moments of the hottest mentors and trainees on the show. Most notably, in the finale, the moment Lu Keran’s name was called, becoming the last piece of the group THE9, Lisa created a buzz when she burst into tears, she had to wipe her tears with tissue right on TV. This was not broadcasted during the finale on live and was only showed now, becoming a trending topic on social media with the keyword “The finale, Lisa sobbed out loud“.

Lisa couldn’t seem to contain her emotions when the 6-month journey had finally come to an end.  Lu Keran, despite being a trainee who climbed to top 9 in a spectacular and unexpected way, has always been a potential trainee on the show with constantly changing images. She has received countless praises and surprise from Lisa when she transformed from a tomboy into a sexy lady showing off her slim waist.

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