Why are people angry at Song Ji-hyo’s short hair when she actually likes it?

The complaints surrounding actor Song Ji-hyo’s short haircut is not easily subsiding.

Regarding Song Ji-hyo’s new hair, fans even released a statement demanding to replace the stylist. The situation is only getting harder for Song Ji-hyo, who even proudly uploaded a short hair photo through her personal SNS.

Song Ji-hyo posted a photo on November 13th on her Instagram with a caption saying, “This is a short haircut” and “So handsome.” In the photo, Song Ji-hyo drew a V with her hand and showed a cute pose. She looked sincerely satisfied with the bob cut. Until then, fans also responded, “It suits you so well.”

Why are people angry at Song Ji-hyo’s short hair

However, when Song Ji-hyo appeared in SBS entertainment show “Running Man,” which aired on Nov 28th, criticism arose among netizens over Song Ji-hyo’s styling. There was even a harsh criticism that the short bob cut mixed with the retro costumes made for the broadcast concept was a “total crisis.”

As public opinion and media continued to pay attention to Song Ji-hyo‘s short hair, her fans issued a statement through an online community on the 29th, calling for an improvement in the stylist team. They also demanded the agency to change the hair salon to get a hair styling matching for Song Ji-hyo, a more neat arrangement, various styling matching the “Running Man” concept, steady hair care, replacement with experienced stylists, trendy coordis, and replacement of makeup shop for the actor.

Why are people angry at Song Ji-hyo’s short hair

As fans actively responded, Song Ji-hyo’s short hair has attracted enough attention enough to go up and down the hot topic chart of entertainment news, but Song Ji-hyo herself still did not come up with a particular position. That’s because it would have been difficult for Song Ji-hyo, who posted a short hair photo with such a bright look, to predict such a negative reaction. The situation is bound to be more difficult for Song Ji-hyo than anyone else now.

Some people may like or dislike Song Ji-hyo‘s new hair. However, excessive harsh criticism is no different from appearance shaming. Can the mocking comment that went “Isn’t it a penalty?” be seen as meaningful advice for an actor who is attempting to show her new transformation? We know that fans only want Song Ji-hyo to look the best, but they need to think about what Song Ji-hyo‘s position will be like while arguing over one short haircut.

Why are people angry at Song Ji-hyo’s short hair

The same to criticism aimed at Song Ji-hyo’s staff members. If fans attack the staff that “it doesn’t look good on Song Ji-hyo,” the arrow of resentment will go to no one but Song Ji-hyo, who couldn’t style herself. Song Ji-hyo will also be unable to avoid the heavy responsibility of putting the burden on the staff she is working with. If you are a fan who truly cares about Song Ji-hyo, why don’t you cheer for Song Ji-hyo, who has decided to challenge a new transformation, with a generous perspective?

Why are people angry at Song Ji-hyo’s short hair

It is time for some deep consideration from fans so that Song Ji-hyo can be loved as she is regardless of the length of her hair.

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