Where did Dara’s right shoe go? The biggest question after 2NE1’s reunion stage at Coachella 2022

Fans couldn’t help but notice Dara’s bare foot at the end of 2NE1’s performance. 

Knowing how much fans want 2NE1 to reunite on stage after 7 years, leader CL asked the other 3 members, Dara, Bom, and Minzy to join her at Coachella 2022, and perform the group’s legendary hit I Am The Best. Needless to say, 2NE1’s reunion as four on stage took everyone by utter surprise. 

2NE1 performed I Am The Best at Coachella 2022 

Many years have passed, but 2NE1 proves they are still the queens of K-pop. They lit up the stage with their incredible stage presence at Coachella 2022. Dara’s long spiked hairdo also makes fans feel nostalgic and remind them of the period of time when Dara had various unique and iconic hairstyles every time 2NE1 made a comeback.

Dara even got so hyped up that she kicked off her right shoe during the performance of I Am The Best. Dara’s shoe literally went flying on stage, which explains why she was left bare foot at the end of the performance. After losing her shoe, Dara still remained professional and continued performing. 

Dara’s right shoe was nowhere to be seen at the end of the performance
2ne1 dara
Dara kicked off her shoe into the air during her part 

Some comments from fans about this funny moment:

  • I was sobbing while watching 2NE1’s performance but couldn’t stop laughing when I looked down at Dara’s foot.
  • As expected of 2NE1. They haven’t changed after so many years. The stage is amazing. 
  • Dara’s hair reminds me of the good old days!
  • Dara really hasn’t aged a day. 
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