What’s special about the ring Rosé wore on W magazine that causes a noisy controversy?

Just a ring on Rosé’s (BLACKPINK) finger in W magazine’s new set of photos is enough to make netizens argue.

In the October issue of Korean edition W magazine, Rosé is the face of the cover with a set of elegant photos with expensive jewelry from high-end brand Tiffany & Co. Before that, in the cover picture, Rosé set a record to become the K-Pop female idol with the most expensive necklace, up to $ 885 thousand. But in the behind-the-scenes video of photos released by W magazine, netizens especially noticed a ring on Rosé’s finger. Although not too clear, fans believed that that was a design from the Blue Book 2019 collection with a super expensive price: 4.2 million dollars (about 110 billion). Like that, Rosé broke her own record, continuing to be the female idol wearing the most expensive jewelry in K-Pop history.

But many netizens also thought that it was too early to confirm that Rosé wore a Tiffany & Co jewelry. Especially when comparing the two rings, the one that Rosé wore had many differences such as a round gemstone while the Blue Book ring had a square gemstone. 

While netizens were still arguing about the price of Rosé’s ring, W magazine released an official photo shoot and people could take a closer look at the jewelry that Rosé wore. Turns out she did not use the 4.2 million ring as some fans mistakenly believed. But because the ring that Rosé wore also had a lot of diamonds and also in the Blue Book 2019 collection, it must be extremely expensive.

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