Netizens are going crazy over BLACKPINK Jennie’s teaser photo with new hairstyle

The next person to appear in BLACKPINK’s personal teaser series is Jennie.

At 9:00 a.m. on September 23, YG released the poster of Jennie before releasing the full album THE ALBUM. She is the second member of BLACKPINK to appear in the individual teaser series after Jisoo.

Having experience in photography, Jennie not only showed off her attractive beauty but also exuded a luxurious aura. The female idol always knows how to renew herself with hairstyles, this time she switched to thin bangs. Jennie rarely appears with this hairstyle, so fans are even more attentive. But looking at Jennie’s bangs, it was … half-believing, not knowing if it was real hair. This hairstyle makes Jennie cuter, but everyone is afraid of being “tricked” by the female idol. Jennie has platinum hair in the teaser “ Kill This Love ”, she reappears with purple-pink ombre hair in Ice Cream, but in the MV, those were all “fake”.

Korean netizens are also “crazy” with her new beautiful hairstyle. Right after Jennie appeared, many people left comments praising the female idol:

– Outstandingly beautiful, extremely beautiful, I’m tired, I’m so tired, Jen.

– It’s been a while since she wore this hairstyle. This time it was too excellent.

– Real hair, real hair

– She is so beautiful.

– Amazing aura.

– Really beautiful.

– The beret and bangs.

– This teaser is no joke.

Praising Jennie’s teaser, fans discovered that they continued to guess the wrong order of the members in the back-shadow teaser. BLINKs originally guessed the person wearing the hat was Jisoo, but it turned out it was Jennie! The second member of BLACKPINK has been revealed, do not know who Lisa and Rosé will be in the other 2 positions?

Based on Jisoo’s teaser schedule, YG will definitely release more photos of Jennie at 16p.m today. Let’s wait and see what kind of image she will possess in the next photo!

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