What Song Joong-ki did as soon as he saw the camera while he was with his British girlfriend

An action that Song Joong-ki made when was with his British girlfriend drawing attention.

On the 9th, actor Song Joong-ki arrived in Korea with his girlfriend after completing an overseas promotion schedule for the drama “Reborn Rich” held in Singapore through Incheon International Airport’s 2nd Passenger Terminal.

song joong ki girlfriend

Song Joong-ki’s girlfriend is a beautiful non-celebrity from England, and it is known that they met through an acquaintance’s introduction last year and are dating.

Song Joong-ki said he did not hide the existence of his girlfriend. In particular, he accompanied his girlfriend while carrying out the schedule of the press conference of “Reborn Rich” held in Singapore on the 7th. After the schedule was over, it is known that the two of them had a good time together.

song joong ki rumor girlfriend

The two of them were together even when they entered the country through Incheon International Airport, and they chatted affectionately in front of the camera and showed an unpretentious appearance.

In fact, in the video of them returning home together exclusively captured by NewsN, Song Joong-ki smiled brightly and waved as soon as the camera was seen.

song joong ki girlfriend

He did not seem to hide the existence of his lover even though several cameras were filming them.

Song Joong-ki’s agency announced the news of his romantic relationship but did not reveal his position regarding marriage.

song joong ki girlfriend

As Song Joong-ki proudly reveals his romantic relationship, witnesses who saw the two at an obstetrics and gynecology clinic are also drawing attention. A netizen said, “My acquaintance’s brother-in-law said he saw Song Joong-ki visit the obstetrics and gynecology clinic with his pregnant foreign girlfriend.”

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