What Jennie wants to do when she has days off?… Her answer with extreme remarks caused fans to worry

An interview video showing BLACKPINK member Jennie expressing her honest thoughts is spreading online. Jennie’s confession made everyone feel sorry for her.

On September 30th, an article titled “What Jennie wants to do when she has days off” was posted in an online community and drew attention. 

The article includes an old video of Jennie answering questions during BLACKPINK’s interview with OSEN in 2020.

Jennie received the question “What would Jennie like to do if she was given a week off?”

Jennie frankly spoke her mind without hesitation. She said something that is quite different from the answers of other BLACKPINK members, who mentioned their hobbies, such as traveling. Jennie’s answer made fans worry as it was rather unexpected and extreme.

With a firm tone, Jennie said, “Throw my phone into the sea. Get rid of it and then dive… disappear… so that no one can find me”.

Netizens who watched this interview video responded that they felt sorry and worried for Jennie. 

Meanwhile, Jennie has recently been embroiled in rumors of a romantic relationship with BTS V. As photos showing affectionate daily moments of a man and a woman believed to be Jennie and V have been revealed one after another, fans and netizens are raising speculation on whether the two idols were actually dating.

Many also suspected that there had been a hack. 

Jennie and V’s agencies have not released any specific position on the issue. Fans are worrying that Jennie might have recently been under too much stress because of the noisy dating rumors.

Source: wikitree

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