What is happening to the scandalous girl group of Japanese adult film stars?

After nearly 2 years of debut, Honey Popcorn could not gain the attention of the audience. The public has shown their angry reaction, boycotting the group with a scandalous past.

Honey Popcorn announcing their debut in Korea in 2018 used to make the public mad, even signing a petition sent to the government so that the group could not debut. The original three members of the group had a past as idol singers in Japan but then changed to actresses in adult films.

In response to the criticism, Honey Popcorn officially made a debut on March 21, 2018 with the song Bibidi Babidi Boo. Member Yua Mikami even had faith in the group’s future.  After about 2 years of active, Honey Popcorn became completely quiet, contrary to the expectation of Yua Mikami. The group also saw a change in the lineup since the beginning.

The original lineup of the group consisted of three members, Yua Mikami, Miko Matsuda and Moko Sakura. Later, Miko Matsuda left the group.  In June 2019, three girls Nako Miyase, Ruka Tazima, Sara Izumi officially joined and completed the lineup of Honey Popcorn.

The De-aeseohsta MV released 10 months ago marked the debut of 3 new members. Similar to the debut, this MV has a young and bubbly style.  The members’ visuals are praised but the song did not perform well. The song could not rank on Korean music charts. The number of views is quite low with only 762,000 after 10 months.

 Honey Popcorn’s music was considered bland, nothing exciting and outstanding from the mainstream music in Kpop.  Therefore, Honey Popcorn and its members cannot be noticed.  Not to mention, the boycott of the audience made the group’s journey more difficult.  Korean audiences don’t easily accept the group’s past.

After many months since the latest MV was released, Honey Popcorn has been silent.  They have no group or individual activities.  The group’s social media have few interactions.  Only Yua Mikami, Moko Sakura and Nako Miyase regularly share new photos of themselves. Meanwhile, the other two members almost disappeared. The audience wondered about the ability of this group to survive in the fierce competition like Kpop.

Earlier, when faced with the criticism, Yua Mikami who was born in 1993, once a member of SKE48 said: “All members of Honey Popcorn are porn stars.  Because of that, the outrage towards our debut is getting more serious, especially on social media.  Our debut showcase was canceled.”

For Honey Popcorn, our power is to do whatever we want. We want to complete projects that only a porn actress can do” she added.

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