SUGA (BTS) was harshly criticized for using the speech of the 900 massacre leader for a new mixtape song

Don’t know if it was made accidentally or intentionally, but after looking carefully into the story behind this song of SUGA (BTS), many viewers feel really shocked because the content of that speech has a completely negative meaning.

Recently, BTS fans in general and SUGA in particular are proud of the D-2 mixtape released on May 22. This is a 10-track mixtape released by SUGA under the stage name Agust D. Less than a day after its debut, all songs in the D-2 mixtape rank from no.2 to 11 on the US iTunes chart, following “Rain On Me” by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. The opening track “Daechwita” with MV is highly appreciated for the content which has conveyed Korean culture and history in a very modern way.

However, recently, on social networking site Reddit, a hot topic is getting huge attention from users when someone pointed out SUGA used the speech of a serial killer to put in a track in mixtape D-2. This is also a song that is receiving a lot of attention after SUGA’s mixtape debuted because of the extremely harsh content, which is the message that the BTS members directly target antifan, paparazzi, journalists who fabricated information about celebs … Even when it was first released, this song also received countless compliments for its cool lyrics and dark melody of hip hop.

Specifically, in the third track of the mixtape – “What Do You Think” – we can hear in the opening part the voice of a man who seems to be lecturing or saying something with an angry attitude, this segment lasted for the first 15 seconds of the song until SUGA started his rap part. Many viewers have listened to this part and discovered that this is the speech of Jim Jones – a notorious massacre leader of the United States.

Jim Jones directly caused the massacre that killed over 900 people, including 304 juveniles in Jonestown, North Guyana (an African nation) in 1978. His brutal ast became an obsession for decades. He had the eloquence to manipulate the victim – the speeches were recorded as the evidence of the crime he committed.

Don’t know if it was accidental or intentional, but SUGA took a whole segment of Jim Jones speech to put on the song, causing a huge controversy. This is a mixtape with the majority of rap songs, some songs showing the dark sides of society, many “dissing” parts  showing the ego of the artist, which needs a bit of “dark” music. However, Quoting the whole part of a massacre’s speech into the song to look “cool” is a complete no-no, which can cause negative effects on those who listen to the song, especially the young fans of BTS in general and of SUGA in particular.

It is also possible that SUGA accidentally used a sample that were publicized online without even knowing its dark origins. However, even if it were only accidental, this is also a “wake up call” for SUGA in being more careful when searching and using samples on the official release song. Currently, this is still a topic because  it’s an extremely sensitive issue. Perhaps it is time for a clear explanation from SUGA and Big Hit Entertainment.

The majority of netizens turned to criticizing SUGA, a few tried to explain this action but seems like it is not easy to support it!

Sources: k14

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