What happened to the man who was caught while watching a movie with IU?

This actor once went to the movies with IU at night and was photographed by a reporter, causing dating rumors!

Actor Lee Hyun-woo, who was rumored to have a romantic relationship with singer and actor IU nine years ago, is receiving a lot of attention as his first movie after a 5-year hiatus surpassed 1 million cumulative audiences in just 8 days after its release.

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In 2017, Lee Hyun-woo went on a break, starting with military service, after finishing the tvN drama ‘The Liar and His Lover’ in collaboration with Red Velvet’s Joy. During the break, he also appeared in his best friend IU’s music video “Outside Time,” but he did not do much work.

Recently, he made a comeback by starring in the Netflix series “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Security Area” in 2022 after a five-year hiatus from 2017. As he returned from the hiatus, the public’s expectations and interest were bound to be that great. However, the series received mixed reactions from the public

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In this regard, Lee Hyun-woo said in an interview with the Chosun Ilbo, “I do my best to make my work until it is released. After it’s released, some people will like it and some people will be disappointed. Such mixed reactions are also a big boost.”

Also, during the long hiatus, he said that he was working hard on preparing for other works, and he instilled anticipation for several movies. One of them is the movie ‘Hero’. ‘Hero’, which was scheduled to be released in 2020, was delayed due to the corona crisis, so it can be seen that Lee Hyun-woo’s return time was longer than expected.

Lee Hyun-woo

The movie “Hero,” starring Lee Hyun-woo, is a musical genre film based on Ahn Jung-geun’s musical of the same name. The timing of the release was different from what was expected, and it competed head-on with ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’, the sequel to the movie ‘Avatar’, which had the tremendous title of being the world’s No. 1 box office hit.

Nevertheless, it quickly surpassed the 1 million cumulative audience on the morning of the 28th, the eighth day of its release, attracting 600,000 viewers thanks to the Christmas holiday on the first weekend of its release. In response, Lee Hyun-woo posted a group photo with his colleagues who worked together on his SNS and expressed his gratitude for the 1 million breakthrough.

Lee Hyun-woo

Meanwhile, he will star in the new movie Dream, which tells the story of Lee Byung-hun’s national soccer team, which is scheduled to be released in 2023, along with his best friend IU, raising expectations.

Not only that, when the news of him starring in the popular webtoon-based drama “I Love You Today” was announced, attention was focused on how he would show off his appearance in 2023.

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