“2.2 million won a month?” Weathercaster Yang Tae Bin compares her actual salary to the number mentioned in “The Glory”

Weathercaster Yang Tae Bin talked about the scene mentioning weathercasters’ salaries in “The Glory”.

On January 6th, Yang Tae Bin’s Youtube channel uploaded a video titled “Is there any person like Park Yeon Jin at the broadcasting station in real life?! / ‘The Glory’ review by SBS weathercaster”.

Yang Tae-bin

In the video, Yang Tae Bin said, “The scenes in the drama are quite similar to the real-life situation. Still, there are several differences”.

In Netflix’s original series “The Glory”, Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) argued with a junior weathercaster, saying “This broadcasting station pays me only 2.2 million won a month, but my husband spends 220 million won for this place”.

Lim Ji-yeon the glory
Yang Tae-bin

Regarding this, Yang Tae Bin said, “Considering every company, every piece of news, every annual leave and every person on a case-by-case basis, you will still earn more than this weathercaster”, adding, “The number mentioned in the drama is actually the salary I earned when I was a college student. Our company SBS pays a lot to weathercasters.”

Yang Tae-bin

She explained, “I can’t tell the specific number but I’m earning more than twice the salary in ‘The Glory’. It also depends on my individual jobs since I’m a freelancer and can work outside the broadcasting station”.

Lastly, Yang Tae Bin said, “Drama is just a drama. I hope viewers don’t have a bad impression of weathercasters.”

Source: Nate

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