Directed by Hong Sang-soo and produced by Kim Min-hee, “Walk Up” was filmed in Nonhyeon-dong… To be released on Nov 3rd

Director Hong Sang-soo’s new film “Walk Up” will be released on Nov 3rd after being revealed for the first time at the Busan International Film Festival.

Director Hong Sang-soo‘s 27th movie “The Novelist’s Film” and his 28th movie “Walk Up” were simultaneously invited to the Icons section of this year’s Busan International Film Festival. The Icons section introduces new works by leading contemporary masters. Actors Gi Ju-bong, Kwon Hae-hyo, Cho Yun-hee, Park Mi-so and more attended the opening ceremony of the Busan International Film Festival.

Actor Kwon Hae-hyo introduced, “‘Walk Up’ is a film that contains the longest long-take scene among director Hong Sang-soo’s works as far as I know. In order to complete the scene perfectly by working together with multiple actors without making a single mistake in the long 10-minute, 15-minute long take, I have no choice but to immerse myself like crazy. I want you to remember that all of the scenes in this movie are moments that the cast was really immersed in, and that ‘Walk Up’ is a fiercely made movie.”

Kwon Hae-hyo

Lee Hye-young said, “When I appear in the director’s movie, I can see a side of me that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Maybe it’s because of the long take, maybe it’s because of the lines, it seems to be some kind of magic. I don’t think it’s because I’m good at acting. I think it just looks like that.” She expressed affection for director Hong Sang-soo, saying, “If you follow the script written by the director, you will look good at acting at some point.”

lee hye young

Cho Yun-hee said, “I find as much as I can in the small pieces of information given by the director, and I take out what I can use from within. It seems difficult, but it is rather comfortable. What will the director take out and write in this movie? It’s the kind of expectation that I like the most about going to the set of director Hong Sang-soo. I’m an actor who saw the scenes in person, but every time I watch a movie in a theater, it feels new.”

Cho Yun-hee

“Walk Up” was filmed in a building in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul in the fall of 2021. Hong Sang-soo was in charge of directing, and Kim Min-hee was the production manager. Kim Min-hee was not part of the cast.

Source: daum

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