Visual artist Kian84 is friends with BLACKPINK’s Jennie? The truth is…

Kian84 lied about being friends with Jennie. 

After finishing the Amazon fishing tour in the latest episode of MBC’s entertainment program “Around the World at Birth”, which aired on December 18th, the members ate together at a local’s house. 

Around the world

It is the house of the owner of a local company that helped the members with fishing. The owner’s daughter said she knows Korean idols. Kian84 pointed to Lee Si Eon and said, “I have many Korean superstar friends.”

When asked, “Do you know BLACKPINK?” the daughter said she knew, so Kian84 shouted, “Jennie is my friend!” Hearing this, Jennie’s labelmate and close friend, WINNER’s Song Mino was taken aback. However, Kian84 added, “Because I once had a video call with Jennie,” referring to the time when he and Song Mino went camping together and Mino video called Jennie on “I Live Alone”.

Around the world

Source: Daum

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