Viewers are shocked by how much this actress has changed

Attention is drawn to the recent status of actress Lee Da Hae, which is drastically different from her golden days.

Lee Da Hae is turning 40 years old this year. It has been 11 years since her debut.

Lee Da-hae

Although she has appeared in several hit dramas such as “My Girl,” “The Slave Hunter” and “Hotel King,” she has not appeared on TV since SBS’s “The Good Witch” in 2018.

Lee Da Hae has not shared any of her moves until recently, except for the news that she is publicly dating singer Se7en, who is the same age as her.

Lee Da-hae

Despite her quiet tendency, Lee Da Hae is going viral online due to her outer appearance.

On Jan 11th, several photos of Lee Da Hae were posted on the online community Inven with the caption “An actress whose face has recently changed beyond recognition.”

Lee Da-hae

The post includes screenshots of dramas that Lee starred in in her 20s, as well as when she won as Miss Chun Hyang at the 71st National Chunhyang Pageant Contest.

Some netizens claimed, “As time goes by, her face seems to change little by little.”

Lee Da-hae

Her unique round eyes and small face remain the same, but they are also somewhat different.

In particular, photos posted on Lee Da Hae’s SNS are also drawing a lot of suspicions.

Lee Da-hae

Source: Wikitree

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