Unexpected behind-the-scenes stories about SHINee’s pre-debut concept have been revealed

A past video of SHINee Key revealing his pre-debut concept to singer BoA is drawing attention.

A video of SHINee Key appearing on the web entertainment show “Keyword #BoA” that aired in 2018, where he revealed the concept before SHINee‘s debut, is drawing attention again.

Key said, “Do you know we were not a singing group?”

shinee key

As for the reason, he said, “We were not a singing group because everyone was so bad at singing,” adding, “We focused on rap and only added vocals as seasoning.”

“At first, there was this candidate for our debut song. The rap was 80% and the singing was only 20% of that song,” he added.

But he added, “I don’t think Teacher Lee Soo-man would have allowed it. We rapped with no swag at all, so as a result, we all agreed to act like that song had never existed.”

shinee key

Key mentioned SHINee’s debut song “Replay”. “We’ve come to match our skills to the song ‘Replay’. I was so worried when I received the guide song, but we match it up right again because human is amazing like that,” he said, recalling the time.


Meanwhile, SHINee, which includes Key, has been very popular since their debut in 2008. Their representative hit songs include “Ring Ding Dong”, “Lucifer”, “Sherlock”, “Dream Girl”, “Everybody”, “View”, and “Don’t Call Me” following their debut song “Replay”.

Source: wikitree

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