Unanswered Questions in “Avatar: The Way of Water”: Who is Kiri’s biological father?

“Avatar: The Way of Water” (Avatar 2) leaves many unanswered questions. This could be the premise for its next movies.

After its first weekend at the global box office, “Avatar: The Way of Water” (Avatar 2) grossed about $434.5 million (according to Box Office Mojo data). The number has not yet reached the officials’ expectations, but it is still a promising start with the movie that cost up to 400 million USD to produce.

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“Avatar: The Way of Water” is released 15 years after the events of the first film. At this time, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) have found peace in Pandora with their children. They became husband and wife, and in the blink of an eye became parents of 4 children.  But that peaceful life did not last long when danger once again came, forcing them to leave their homeland among the mountains and forests and becoming refugees.

In this return, the “Avatar” franchise captivates the audience with beautiful visuals and a humane storyline. Besides the message throughout the film criticizing colonialism and human greed, calling for environmental protection, “Avatar: The Way of Water” also tells a beautiful story about the power of family. However, director James Cameron still left many story lines open, many questions that could create a premise for the next films to be launched.

Who is Kiri (Sigourney Weaver)’s father?

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Kiri is one of the first half-breed children born on Pandora since Jake Sully’s crew landed. She is the daughter of the late scientist Grace (Sigourney Weaver), conceived in her avatar body. However, no one knows how Grace’s avatar could be pregnant or who the baby’s father is. This is one of the biggest mysteries in “Avatar: The Way of Water”.

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Throughout the film, Kiri is constantly questioning her origins and the fact that she seems to be different from others. Her head always echoes the call of Eywa – the supreme god connecting all living things on Pandora. Especially when the Sully family migrated to a new land, this call became even more intense. Viewers have made many theories about Kiri’s origin. One of them claims that Kiri is Eywa’s daughter.

Who is Spider’s mother (Jack Champion)?

Jack Champion

Miles “Spider” Socorro was born on Pandora, the son of the villain Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang). After the great battle in Avatar (2009), Spider was trapped on Pandora with the scientists who chose to stay on this planet because he was too young to fit on the lifeboat. Spider was adopted by Jake and became part of the family. Spider is close to Kiri, but keeps his distance from Neytiri.

Spider and Kiri are close because they are both orphans who do not know the identity of their parents. In fact, the identity of Spider’s mother was revealed in “Avatar: The High Ground” novel series, which is considered a direct prequel to “Avatar: The Way of Water”. In the novel, Spider’s mother is revealed to be Paz Socorro, a Resource Development Organization (RDA) pilot who was killed in the RDA attack on the Tree of Souls. However, the novel series does not reveal that Spider’s father is Quaritch.

The inhabitants of the earth still yearn for unobtainium?

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Humans continue to exploit resources from Pandora in The Way of Water (Image: 20th Century Studios)

In Avatar (2009), the ultimate mission of the RDA organization – also the main villain in the film – is to find and exploit unobtainium. This mineral is expected to save 20 billion people on Earth by the year 2140 from an energy crisis. However, the human method of mining unobtainium on the planet Pandora has exacerbated their discord with the Na’vi.

The three commandments of the Eywa forbid the Na’vi from digging into the earth for resources. But there is a massive unobtainium mine beneath the Tree of Souls. RDA’s mining plan goes against the cultural beliefs of the Na’vi who worship the god Eywa. In the 2150s, human colonization led to a war between them and the Na’vi people.

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However, in The Way of Water, no one mentions or cares about unobtainium anymore. After 15 years, humanity is no longer interested in this mineral. The film doesn’t account for this change, but it’s safe to say that the final defeat in Avatar (2009) sent chills down the spines of the most ambitious people on Earth.

Putting aside their plans to exploit unobtainium, earthlings now target a new resource – a chemical extracted from the brain of the Tulkun species with the ability to slow down the aging process. However, after unobtainium and the other extraction solution, what will people find useful for themselves on Pandora, and what will they have to trade?

What happened to the Omaticaya when Jake and Neytiri left?

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The audience no longer hears much news about the Omaticaya people in the sequel (Image: 20th Century Studios)

In Avatar: The Way of Water, the Omaticaya tribe only appears briefly in the first act of the work. Since Jake and Neytiri led their children away from the tribe to escape Quaritch’s revenge, the audience has heard nothing about the Na’vi community living in the middle of the forest. However, the departure of the Sully family does not mean that the Omaticaya community is safe because they are directly confronting the human army. In addition, harboring Jake Sully also puts them at risk of being tortured by Quaritch for information.

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At the end of the second act, after Kiri had a convulsion and lost consciousness, Jake had to ask for help from the scientists living in the Omaticaya territory. Thanks to the visit of this group of people, we can judge that the Omaticaya people are still at peace. However, that is clearly not enough, because viewers have been attached to this race since the first Avatar movie and know them as the only Na’vi for the next 13 years. So, the most ideal scenario might be that the inhabitants of the two tribes Omaticaya and Metkayina will ally themselves in the next movie.

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