Um Ji-won revealed the total price of the jewelry she wore in “Little Women”, “I’ve become too accustomed to things worth billions. I’m so spoiled”

Actress Um Ji-won revealed the styling of her character Won Sang-ah in the drama “Little Women”.

Um Ji-won uploaded a new video titled “Sudden analysis of Won Sang-ah’s fancy styling in ‘Little Women’” on her personal Youtube channel “Actor Jiwon Uhm”.

The released video shows Um Ji-won introducing Won Sang-ah’s outfits in tvN’s “Little Women”. In order to portray the elegance of villain Won Sang-ah, the actress focused on choosing costumes and jewelry. While trying earrings, bracelets and rings, Um Ji-won said, “The total price for the jewelry today is about 100 million won. Shouldn’t we have a guard for these? It means we are such a reliable team”. In particular, the wedding ring with her husband Park Jae-sang in the drama costs 11.66 million won.

um ji won

The flower-patterned ring to go with her colorful dress costs 36.5 million won. The price of the earrings is 30.8 million won. When trying the 8 million won bracelet, which is not as expensive as the previous items, the actress laughed and commented, “The previous jewelry has been such high-priced ones that this one feels… quite affordable! I’ve become too accustomed to high jewelry prices. I’ve become so spoiled”.

um ji won

There was a set that required Um Ji-won to wear jewelry worth a total of 16.67 million won. Upon hearing this, the actress said, “Good price, no? Quite affordable, right? I mean, I should be used to things worth billions! We’ve become so spoiled”, drawing laughter.

Source: Nate

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