Uhm Jung Hwa Shed Tears and Hugged by Kim Byung Chul on Set of “Doctor Cha” Ending Scene

Dr. Cha Jung Sook, played by Uhm Jung Hwa, shed emotional tears on her last filming day.

On June 8th, a behind-the-scenes video of the filming of “Doctor Cha” was uploaded to the YouTube channel JTBC Drama.

Uhm Jung Hwa acted in a scene where she bids farewell to Seo In Ho (Kim Byung Chul), Seo Jung Min (Song Ji Ho), and Jeon So Ra (Cho Ah Ram) just before the ending of the last episode. It was the final filming of Uhm Jung Hwa as Doctor Cha Jung Sook. Cho Ah Ram greeted Uhm Jung Hwa, saying, “You look so beautiful.”


After several rehearsals and takes, Uhm Jung Hwa finished the filming with a smiling scene, looking at Kim Byung Chul’s car moving away. As soon as it ended, Uhm Jung Hwa burst into tears. The director praised her, “You’ve worked hard,” but her tears didn’t stop.

Soon after, the staff presented bouquets and a cake, and Uhm Jung Hwa choked up, saying, “You’ve all worked so hard. Thank you.” While taking a group photo, Uhm Jung Hwa blinked back tears, and Kim Byung Chul hugged her to comfort his co-star. Song Ji Ho, who played Seo Jung Min, also hugged Uhm Jung Hwa.


Afterwards, Uhm Jung Hwa tightly hugged Cho Ah Ram and didn’t forget to encourage her, saying, “Sora, you were great.”

“Doctor Cha” ended with a happy ending, recording a viewer rating of 19.4% in the Seoul metropolitan area on June 4th.

Source: Nate.

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